Episode 5004

Australian Air Date: 4th February 2010
UK Air Date: 11th February 2010
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Lee Rogers

Alf begins to withdraw from the Summer Bay community, resigning as Surf Club president. Nicole gets bad news about university, whilst Aden scores a new job. Charlie fears Angelo will have to leave town.

Extended Summary

Nicole is stressing about whether she will get into her uni course or not. Aden tries to distract her by promising to take her out on their first proper date. Nicole finds out she didn’t get into her course and is devastated, realising she’ll need to repeat Year 12. Aden is supportive though, and promises he’ll be there for her. Nicole isn’t enthusiastic about their date, but Aden persuades her otherwise – he’s picking her up at 7:30, determined to cheer her up.

Charlie is on her last day of holiday leave with Angelo. She keeps having nightmares about her experience with Hugo. She is also worried that when they get home Angelo will be transferred to the city. Angelo tries to be positive about it but he’s worried too. On the way back home, Charlie and Angelo learn of the riot after seeing the front page of a newspaper. When Charlie and Angelo get home they see a letter with Angelo’s posting. They decide not to open it until the next day, to have one more night of not worrying. But they can’t help themselves and open it – Angelo’s been transferred to Yabbie Creek. Charlie is ecstatic. She stops having nightmares and her day gets better when she is promoted at work – but then Angelo is promoted over her. Angelo will now be Charlie’s boss.

Alf tells Aden he is feeling a bit overwhelmed about things and admits he’s a bit sick of the Bait Shop – he’s thinking of closing it up and getting away for a while. Aden tells Martha, who checks on Alf. Alf admits to her that he doesn’t know where he stands with Summer Bay anymore – he’s never wanted to be anywhere else, but he feels the entire town has changed, it’s not the Summer Bay he knows. Alf decides to give the Bait Shop over to Aden, who agrees to manage it, and later he drops a bombshell on Martha – he has resigned as president of the Surf Club. Martha tries to talk him out of it, but he feels he cannot serve the town if he doesn’t believe in it. Aden takes Nicole to the bait shop on their date and she isn’t initially happy – until she realises he’s now the manager. Aden has also prepared a seaview meal for her – whilst things are not perfect, she is cheered up considerably.

Scenes cut from Episode:
Ruby didn’t call Charlie to tell her because she didn’t want her to worry.

Guest Cast



Aden Jeffries is promoted to the Manager of the Bait Shop.

Alf Stewart resigns as the President of the Surf Club.

Angelo Rosetta lives at 49 Bainton Crescent.

Angelo Rosetta is posted to the Yabbie Creek Police Station and promoted to Sergeant.

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