Episode 5005

Australian Air Date: 5th February 2010
UK Air Date: 12th February 2010
Writer: Adam Dolman
Director: Lee Rogers

Angelo’s promotion causes tension. Geoff struggles to deal with the fall-out of the riot. Xavier tries to make amends to Charlie for what Hugo did.

Extended Summary

Angelo receives congratulations about his promotion, but senses Charlie isn’t too thrilled about it, even though she tries not to show it. He invites Charlie out for a drink, but Charlie doesn’t show and Angelo tells Alf his concerns. Angelo picks up that Alf is more traumatised by the riot than he’s letting on and might even be considering leaving Summer Bay. Angelo invites Alf out for a beer, and tries to highlight Summer Bay’s good points to Alf, pointing out how the town managed to embrace him again. Afterwards Charlie insists again she is all right with the promotion but later on she admits she is really annoyed about it.

Martha expresses her concerns about Alf to Gina, and thinks it’s as much to do with Hugo as the race riots, and Gina firmly tells her that Alf probably needs to be left alone (strongly insinuatng that that is what she needs as well). Martha visits Alf and is unhappy that he hasn’t changed his mind about withdrawing from the community – he tells her he won’t be changing back to the way he was anytime soon, and she needs to get used to it. Later, Martha tries to encourage Gina to let go of her anger towards Hugo, but Gina refuses to listen. Xavier goes to see Charlie to apologise for Hugo and to see if Charlie needs any money. Charlie, who doesn’t know about Hugo’s donation to Xavier, tells him not to worry about it. Xavier tells her that after everything that’s happened, things have changed for him – and that family and friends are all that matter to him.

Alf goes to pick up Geoff from the hospital. Alf is still angry about the riot but Geoff is apparently indifferent – he seems irate that Ruby is continually checking up on him, as there were plenty of people worse off than him, Hazem in particular.. Primarily though, he just wants to forget what has happened and move on. They go to see Angelo to give evidence about the riot, where Geoff seems to be snappy. Geoff eventually lets loose at Xavier after he asks how his shoulder is. Later on he apologises and admits he feels overwhelmed by everything that’s happened – he’s been told he’ll probably be scarred for life. Geoff talks to Martha about his trauma and she encourages him to face his emotional pain in order to get through it. Later on Geoff takes off his bandages, runs down the beach and shoves his wound into salt water, to remind himself that no matter what’s happened, he’s still alive.

Guest Cast


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