Episode 5006

Australian Air Date: 8th February 2010
UK Air Date: 15th February 2010
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Nicole leaves Aden reeling when she tells him that she loves him. Miles has had enough of Alf’s attitude. Angelo suggests that he and Charlie should move in together.

Extended Summary

A casual remark from Miles sees Nicole start to worry that her relationship with Aden may be moving at too fast a pace for Aden. She immediately becomes awkward around him and her cautious questioning of him gives Aden exactly the wrong idea, and he starts to worry that the relationship is moving too fast for her. Their situation is made worse because Liam and Aden are flatmates. Liam, inadvertently, keeps interrupting Nicole and Aden’s attempts at talking things through.

Liam becomes increasingly uncomfortable about being around the couple. Aden and Nicole both notice and try to set Liam’s concerns at ease, but without much success. It’s Martha who Liam eventually talks about his problems to, and they both seem to enjoy their meetings immensely. Martha suggests that maybe Liam should think about moving out. Aden and Nicole finally realise that they have been chatting at cross purposes and are excited to learn that neither of them want to slow the relationship down. Back in a good place, and finally more relaxed, Nicole blurts out that she loves him. And Aden is left reeling.

Alf, still shaken by the race riots, is becoming increasingly more introspective and difficult to live with. Miles makes things worse by stirring him – trying to get him to focus on someone, or something else, other than himself. Everyone notices how grumpy and inconsiderate Alf has become and Alf takes their concern as criticism and it only makes him worse. Rabbit suggests to Miles that Alf will snap out of it soon enough, when he realises how lucky he is to be alive and kicking. She also tries to make conversation with Alf but he’s in a world of his own. He later heads down to the Surf Club where he complains to Martha about everyone going on at him, but when she suggests that its just because they are worried about him, he storms off. When Alf doesn’t call to let Miles know that he won’t be home for dinner, Miles has had enough. He tells Alf in no uncertain terms that if he isn’t going to start seeing the good things around him, instead of constantly “Bay bashing” then he really should think about moving somewhere else. Alf is stunned by the suggestion.

Charlie can’t help feeling bad that Angelo’s been promoted over her, and tells him as much. They try to celebrate with champagne at the surf club, but the evening is very uncomfortable and they head home early. The ensuing uneasiness that causes starts to impact on their relationship too. It certainly spills over into the workplace, when Charlie is far too aggressive in her handling of a graffiti vandal who painted Colleen’s mobile home. Charlie tries to feel happy for Angelo, but can’t even agree to share the office with him and moves her things out. It’s only when Angelo tells her that while he’s excited about his promotion, for what it means to his career, he wishes it hadn’t happened because of the harm it’s done to their relationship. He wishes they could get back to the happy place they were at when they were on holiday together. Charlie’s moved by that, and the couple make up. Later however, after their lovemaking makes them late for their dinner reservation, Angelo suggests that they should move in together. While making all the right noises, it’s obvious that Charlie’s shaken by the suggestion.

Guest Cast