Episode 4118

Australian Air Date: 8th February 2006
Writer: Phil Lloyd
Director: Mark Piper

Leah is being stalked by an unlikely predator. The Believers’ secret ally is revealed.

Extended Summary

Robbie races to his car, intent on spilling the beans of Josh’s affair with Amanda to his grandfather. Josh is close behind and steps in front of Robbie as he is about to take off! Josh threatens Robbie saying if he tells Graham anything he will have Robbie charged as an accomplice to receiving bribes! Josh grabs the upper hand and although Robbie is fearful he stays strong and tells Josh he can do what he likes; Robbie refuses to do anything else for Josh and warns that Josh only has to slip up once more and he’s going to reveal all!

Jonah is hauled into the police station for questioning over suspected kidnapping. Martha waits in the corridor as Tasha rushes in and starts ripping into Martha. Martha defends herself, telling Tasha about being locked in the shed and being drugged, just like they drugged Tasha! Tasha doesn’t buy her story, leaving Martha frustrated. In the interrogation room, Jack is fired up trying to get Jonah to talk. Jonah responds calmly, requesting proof for these alleged crimes he has committed… Jack is so aggravated that he has to be restrained – he has no proof! McGrath finishes up the session, letting Jonah know that Martha will be given a blood test to see if she was drugged! Tasha rushes to Jonah as he exits the room, ignoring Martha’s plea to not go with him, as McGrath gives Jack a serious warning about his behaviour.

At The Farm, Tasha starts asking Jonah questions about the ‘food poisoning’, to which Jonah covers himself. Tasha thinks Martha’s blood test results will clear up this whole mess – Jonah is now clearly worried… Later that afternoon Jonah makes another payment to Josh so they can stay on the land – Josh has been in on this the whole time! Jonah asks for Josh’s help – can he get a blood test result cleared? Josh takes care of it with a call to Bert. Martha’s results have been tampered with, and are now reading as ‘negative’!

Dan and Leah make their way with Sally and Flynn to Beth’s birthday drinks at the Surf Club. Flynn is visibly weak and Sally is worried about him as he stumbles on his way in. Dan helps Flynn up – maybe this wasn’t such a good idea coming along tonight? Flynn insists that he wants to get out and to see everyone. Inside, Beth and Graham appear to be bonding for the first time in a long time as Robbie sits glumly contemplating the situation he is in. Jack and Martha’s romantic closeness is interrupted by a mobile call from the hospital letting them know Martha’s blood test results were negative! Martha can’t believe it, there must be some kind of mistake! Jack can’t believe it either – what do they do now? Dan tries to get Leah to dance, but she’s not interested. She is struggling to hide the fact that she is falling out of love with Dan. Sally questions Leah about it, but Leah doesn’t give anything away – her future is with Dan, and that’s how it should be. Not long into the party, Leah decides to head home, telling Dan to stay and have fun.

As Leah leaves the Surf Club she is being watched by someone in a red car. The person’s eyes follow Leah as she walks through the night. The person watching Leah is Peter! His expression is unreadable as his eyes remain on Leah’s disappearing figure of Leah. Is he stalking her?

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