Episode 4119

Australian Air Date: 9th February 2006
Writer: Kelly Lefever
Director: Mark Piper

Sally struggles to stay strong in the face of Flynn’s rapid deterioration. Peter’s sinister return to the Bay sends Leah in a spin. Ric continues to lie to Cassie in an attempt to keep his friendship with Belle secret.

Extended Summary

Flynn continues to watch the party – his friends smiling, having fun. He is saddened by the thought that this may be the last time he’ll have everyone around him… Sally knows what he is thinking – this is so hard for both of them… They head home, heavy hearted. At home, Ric tells Cassie he can’t get used to the idea of Flynn not being around – she agrees – this is going to be tough… The next morning Cassie asks Sally how Flynn slept that night, not well… Tears well up in Sally’s eyes – Cassie hugs her tight. Flynn hardly touches the breakfast Sally has given him. He has a coughing fit – blood in his hanky… Things are looking grim. Alf drops by later and asks Sally how Flynn is doing, – she freezes, reality kicking in again…as she breaks down.

Cassie notices that Ric is eating a lot more than usual – two packets of tim-tams, two burgers at the Diner – what a pig! Ric doesn’t respond… He sneaks out early before school to give Belle food. She is more than grateful for Ric’s support. Her flirty behaviour gets to Ric – he’s already told her that he has a girlfriend! He notices a bruise on her arm – couple of kids had a go at her – Ric is worried and wants to help. Belle only cares about finding her Mum. Ric suggests to Belle that she hides out in his bedroom so she’s safe, but she can’t let anyone else find out she’s there…Belle agrees. Ric sneaks Belle in that afternoon – what is he getting himself into?

Leah isn’t being herself lately, with all that is going on – the pregnancy, loss of love for Dan, Peter – it’s all too much. Rachel asks Leah if she is okay and the pressure is too much -Rachel is wondering what is going on… Working at the Diner, Leah hears that Peter is back in the Bay for good – working at Yabbie Creek Police Station. She is stunned and heads to the station right away! Leah rips into Peter, demanding to know why he is back and didn’t let her know – Peter says it was a posting, he didn’t have an option! Leah doesn’t buy it for a second – she makes it clear that she is going to make her marriage with Dan work and won’t let Peter get in the way! Happy to hear of his brother’s return, Dan catches up with Peter while Sally asks Leah at the Diner how she feels about all of this. Leah is certain Peter is back because of her and she doesn’t like it one bit! Peter returns to his office and opens a confidential file – his look is unreadable as he glances through a series of surveillance photos of Leah!

Kim continues to try and win Rachel’s heart – he can’t stop thinking about her… He asks for Dan’s advice – persistence is the key – if it’s meant to be it’s up to Kim to make it happen. Kim takes Dan’s advice and turns up on Rachel’s door with a gourmet breakfast hamper! Rachel has been thinking about Kim a great deal too – but knows that she has to hold off due to the doctor, patient situation, besides, Kim is too young for her… She answers the door, fresh from a shower, and is flattered but awkward about Kim’s forward suggestion – breakfast?! She is charmed, but insists they cannot meet up outside of their sessions anymore. Kim grins, he isn’t going to give up that easily! As Kim heads off, Rachel can’t help smiling to herself – she really likes this guy. Kim is thoughtful as he continues his research, next asking Irene for advice on how to impress that special someone. Irene thinks it’s funny he’s asking for her advice – he’s desperate here! Irene advises that it is hard to resist someone who puts themselves on the line – heart, humility, the works! Thanks Irene!

Kim has a plan. He begins scribbling words on a piece of paper… Rachel finds Kim on her patio playing the guitar – he’s written her a love song! It’s hardly professional, but so very charming. He finishes the song and hands Rachel a rose – she melts! She really likes Kim and he’s starting to win her over…

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