Episode 4120

Australian Air Date: 10th February 2006
Writer: Catherine Roden
Director: Mark Piper

Sally is dealt a devastating blow. Cassie catches Ric and Belle together.

Extended Summary

Still spinning from being serenaded by Kim, Rachel collects her gym bag and heads out. Kim is working out when Rachel enters – both grinning at the sight of one another… They both know they’re playing with fire here… Small talk as Kim helps Rachel work out – the close physical contact is really heating things up! Their eyes meet as… Rachel slowly pulls away to get changed. This is killing Kim! Rachel gets home and tells Leah all – Rachel knows she is putting her career on the line and feels like an idiot, but she can’t deny how she feels! Leah warns her friend, thinking about her own situation with Dan and Peter. As Kim closes the Gym, Rachel returns and gives him a reference so he can see another doctor. He jokes, but is clearly upset, as is Rachel. She rushes off and Kim follows…. Rachel hurries along the beach with her arms full of paper work, the wind catches the pile and blows them everywhere! Kim appears and dives into the water to rescue the paper work – how can Rachel not love this guy?! At Rachel’s house, she hands the wet Kim a towel – their eyes connect – Kim moves in to kiss her and Rachel doesn’t pull away! Her head soon takes over and she moves off, sending a confused Kim home! What?!

Ric and Belle are getting along famously when Cassie walks into the room! She demands to know what the hell is going on?! Ric asks Cassie to lower her voice so Sally doesn’t hear them – Cassie is furious – a heated argument breaks out between them. Trying to find out what the commotion is about, Sally walks in and sees Belle – Ric is caught! He tries to explain that Belle is the mystery person who was hiding in the bush and he’s been feeding her. Sally isn’t impressed that Ric didn’t tell her Belle was hiding in his room – neither is Cassie for that matter! Sally makes it clear that Belle can’t stay. Belle understands and gathers her things – Ric tries to stop her as she runs out… Ric searches for Belle, he can’t find her anywhere – Cassie wants to know why he is so determined to find her – obviously jealous… Frustrated, Ric goes to his room and discovers Belle in his room – she climbed in through the window! She doesn’t want to sleep on the beach again – Ric isn’t so sure about this – what if Sally and Cassie find out? She promises to be quiet and begs Ric to let her stay… That night she tricks Ric and sneaks into Ric’s bed – Ric immediately makes himself comfortable on the floor! Ric leaves for school next morning and reminds Belle not to leave the room.

Flynn is downstairs, weaker than ever, resting on the couch. Belle sneaks out of Ric’s room to use the bathroom, Flynn heads upstairs to see what the noise was – he thought he was home alone! He slowly makes his way up the stairs as Belle is coming down – Flynn sees her – who the hell are you?! Belle panics, runs past Flynn, knocking him as she passes and Flynn falls backwards down the stairs! Belle looks on mortified at the unconscious Flynn on the floor… As she tries to call for an ambulance, Alf comes in. She runs out before he can see her to leave Alf to find poor Flynn! Sally rushes home when Alf tells her the news – Flynn is sitting on the couch, ambulance officers all around – he can’t remember a thing…

The ambos try to take Flynn to hospital but he refuses. He demands to see Dr Mathews, now! Cassie and Ric get home to the shocking news about Flynn – Ric wonders if Belle had anything to do with this… Dr Mathews asks to speak with Sally, alone. The fall has really knocked Flynn around, he doesn’t want to go to hospital. Grim faced, Dr Mathews tells Sally what she is dreading to hear – Flynn only has a matter of hours left to live…

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