Episode 4121

Australian Air Date: 13th February 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Tragedy rocks the Bay. Alf makes Flynn a life altering promise. In one of the most emotional moments in the history of Home and Away, they must say goodbye to someone they love.

Extended Summary

Everyone is in shock as they react to the news – Flynn only has a few hours left to live. Sally struggles to hold it together as she heads upstairs to be with Flynn. They hold eye contact as Sally enters the room – but there are no words to express how they feel. Instead, Sally lay beside her dying husband, as they hold each other – both aware the end is drawing near. Ric and Cassie are in the kitchen with Leah and Alf – the full impact of what Sally has told them is sinking in. Alf comforts Cassie but Ric is defensive and races out of the house – he needs some space.

Flynn and Sally still lay together – their silence broken by Flynn’s request to see the kids to say goodbye. The mention of the word “goodbye” is almost too much for Sally – but she respects her husband’s wishes. As difficult as it is, Cassie knows it’s something she must do, but despite her efforts to stay strong – she resolves to tears as she opens the door and sees Flynn lying on the bed. Flynn reminisces of the day she and Ric first met and her gift to make people smile and laugh. It’s a sweet moment. Flynn and Cassie embrace, expressing their love for each other and knowing this is their last goodbye.

Alf is now by Flynn’s side. Flynn thanks Alf for his friendship over the years and especially for his support in these difficult times. Alf tells Flynn he has never seen Sally so happy than from the day she met Flynn – and Alf promises to look after them all. The two mates are unable to fight back tears. Flynn extends his hand to shake and Alf takes it. Their entire friendship in their hands – neither wanting to let this moment go. Ric is still distant and refuses to see Flynn. Alf is disappointed and questions how Ric can turn his back on the man that has loved and cared for him? Ric finally opens up and admits he is scared. Alf encourages him and Ric knows he must do the right thing. A knock on the door, as Ric enters. Sally and Pippa sit by Flynn’s side. Ric watches on as Flynn embraces his little girl – knowing this is the last time he will see his Baby Pippa. Sally carries her away as Ric watches on – lost for words. Flynn tells Ric he was just like him as a kid – always acting before thinking and saying things in the heat of the moment – but Flynn is confident Ric will grow in to a genuine being who will make everyone he loves very proud. Ric looks at the dying man who has changed his life and as they embrace – Ric tells his “Dad” how much he loves him.

Sally and Flynn are cherishing their final moments – laughing as they reminisce…looking through their memories in their photo album. Flynn has a thought – and asks Sal to play the song they had at their wedding. Sally find the CD and plays the song – the music overlays a montage of happy memories for the couple. Flynn expresses his last wish – to dance with Sally one more time. She is worried, but he insists. Sally helps Flynn from the bed and with every inch of remaining energy – Flynn holds his beautiful wife in his arms as they dance.

The hours have passed and Sally and Flynn are wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed. Sally continues talking of their happy memories, not wanting this moment to end but Flynn is silent. Sally looks to her husband – his eyes closed and peaceful and Sally knows he is gone. The light from the rising sun fills the room…as Sally puts her lips to his, kissing him gently – savouring her final moment alone with her husband.