Episode 4122

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Summer Bay unites in the wake of the tragedy. Martha’s heartfelt plea forces Tasha to question her trust of Jonah and the Believers. Rachel struggles to fight her feelings for Kim. Leah and Dan re-affirm their love for one another.

Extended Summary

Four days have passed since Flynn’s death, Sally lost in her reverie as the others prepare themselves for the funeral.

Sally arrives at the church – surrounded by Flynn’s family and friends but she is very detached. She cradles Baby Pippa in her arms, as Flynn’s coffin adorned with flowers and a family picture, lay before her. Alf delivers a warm and heartfelt speech in dedication to his mate and voices how much Flynn will be missed.

As Dan finishes the eulogy, Cassie stands on the podium, fighting back her tears as she reads a poem for Flynn. It’s the most difficult thing she has ever had to do and Colleen moves to her side to offer support as she is overwhelmed with emotion. Colleen finishes the poem on Cassie’s behalf – a moving moment that brings many to tears. Pippa wraps her arms around Sally as Alf, Ric, Dan, Peter, Kim and Hyde carry the coffin away.

The wake is underway downstairs as Sally sits alone in her room, thoughts filling her mind as she looks at her wedding ring. Alf knocks and enters, taking a seat beside her. As they talk of the day, Sally expresses how underwhelmed she has felt – as if it doesn’t feel Flynn’s life has been honoured enough. There’s little Alf can say – but offers his support as they leave to scatter the ashes.

The sun is setting over the beach. Sally stands with the urn in her hands – she slowly opens the lid and watches as Flynn’s ashes scatter in the breeze. Is this really it? But as she turns she discovers the hundred of Summer Bay folk that have gathered behind her, candles in hand for their silent vigil to the man they have all loved and lost. Sally is moved by the scene – this is the fitting end for Flynn…

As if Flynn is now watching over them all – it is clear the day has had affect on so many lives. Flynn’s voice overlays a montage of images…

Leah and Dan hold each other – a new found strength for the couple.

Kim sits alone thinking of his love for Rachel and if he will follow his heart against all odds.

Tasha looks towards Mumma Rose’s tent – will she have the courage to face the truth? Will she sneak inside and will she be shocked to discover the shrine and that her friends were right!

Ric, Cassie, Alf, Colleen and Baby Pippa are together – a family supporting one another.

Sally is in her bedroom alone – and as she goes to turn her bedside lamp off, she looks at the wedding photo of her and Flynn sitting on the table. She smiles and then switches out the light. Goodbye Flynn.

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