Episode 4123

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Tasha discovers the shocking truth about The Believers, but is it too late… will she be their next victim? Leah struggles to keep her infidelity secret from Dan. Rachel’s made uncomfortable by the inappropriate advances of her superior.

Extended Summary

Tasha is in shock following her discovery of the shrine – everything her friends warned her against The Believers is true! Tasha makes a quick exit from the tent as she hears Mumma Rose and Jonah approaching. Jonah reassures Mumma Rose that Tasha’s friends had no influence on her at Flynn’s funeral – they are all still convinced that she is now one of The Believers. Tasha can’t believe what she is hearing and becomes even more determined to escape – but how? Tasha helps the others decorate the Farm for their Moon Party – her mind a million miles away formulating a plan of escape. She sneaks back into Mumma Rose’s tent to retrieve her mobile phone she spotted earlier – but her hopes are crushed when she discovers her mobile battery is dead. Tasha’s every attempt to escape has failed and now her distress begins to show.

Tasha is stunned when she overhears Jonah asking Mumma Rose how long she plans to keep Rebecca captive. She listens carefully to determine Rebecca’s whereabouts and later in the night, when the Moon Party is in full swing, Tasha sneaks off in search of Rebecca. Tasha calls out and is stunned to hear Rebecca calling back. As she rounds the corner she discovers Rebecca…chained to a tree. There is a sense of urgency as Tasha picks up a rock and starts belting the lock. Rebecca pleads with her to hurry. Just as the lock breaks…Jonah appears. Sprung! Before Tasha has any chance to reason, Mumma Rose arrives, ordering Jonah to lock her up at once. Tasha screams as she is dragged away – what is going to happen to Tasha?

Rachel is a bundle of nerves as she prepares to meet Dr Helpman at the hospital. He is a friend of her fathers, a fellow doctor, who helped her gain her job at Northern Districts Hospital. Helpman explains to her he will be monitoring her skills – Rachel looks up to this man and wants to impress. She finishes her rounds with her patients and Helpman sings her praises but Rachel can’t help but feel there is something unusual in Helpman’s response and when questioned how far she will go to progress her career, Rachel is unnerved by what is being implied…is he trying to crack on to her?

Leah and Dan are enjoying a picnic lunch on the beach, involved in their loving discussion – evidence this couple are working through their recent problems. Flynn’s death has made them view their relationship in new light and how much love they have worth holding on to. For a moment, Leah hesitates. Dan clocks her awkwardness and Leah admits her feeling that she is being watched. Dan says it’s nothing to worry – even though Leah has felt it a few times recently. But Leah feelings are spot on…as Peter watches on from a distance – what is he up to?

Later, Leah and Peter come face to face in the Diner. An awkward moment between the two. Peter doesn’t want things to be like this but Leah admits the only way things will return to normal is for Peter to leave the Bay. The conversation is getting personal and Leah directs him to the kitchen for privacy – where there is mention of their kiss. Peter leaves just as Irene emerges from the storeroom having heard the whole conversation! Uh-oh, Leah’s secret has just been exposed! Irene is disappointed with Leah for keeping secrets from Dan, it’s a reality check for Leah that it’s only a matter of time before Dan discovers the truth.

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