Episode 4124

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2006
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

In the wake of her discovery, Tasha wages a desperate bid to escape The Believer’s clutches. Graham finally cottons on to Amanda’s lies and manipulation. Tony makes a stunning proposal to Beth.

Extended Summary

Tasha pounds at the door – desperate to get out of the shed she has now been locked up in.

Jonah is torn by his decision to obey Mumma Rose and the strong feelings he has for Tasha – surely there must be another way to deal with this. A fellow Believer, Charity, is quick to warn him not to go near Tasha – if Mumma Rose finds out, there will be consequences. Jonah takes the risk and goes to the shed – he can see the utter betrayal in her eyes. Tasha pleads with Jonah to let her go – she knows he is a good person and if he really loved her, he’d let her go. Tasha’s words have the desired affect on Jonah and he steps aside for her to escape – but before she has the chance to do so, Charity appears at the door! Jonah is left no option but to obey and locks the door behind him. Tasha falls in a heap sobbing – is there any hope for her now?

Jonah later returns with a plate of food. Charity is shadowing him to ensure he doesn’t try to help Tasha escape again. Tasha pleads to be set free but the door is shut in her face. Her distress is rising but then she notices something in her food. It’s a key! A glimmer of hope as Tasha realises Jonah is helping her after all. Tasha checks the coast is clear – and sprints for the bush. Finally, she is set free – when suddenly she is crashed tackled to the ground. Charity and the others restrain Tasha as she kicks and screams. Jonah races up behind them, watching on and knowing he is powerless to help. Tasha’s worst nightmare has come true.

Tony is distracted with thoughts that he is about to be booted from his home. Beth is curious – and Tony explains his landlord has been made an amazing offer on his house from a major development company. Beth explains that she and others have received similar letters with offers for property sales in the area. Morag’s ears prick up – and is very suspicious when she reads the letter circulating and sees that “Tiverson” are involved ie. Josh and Amanda are somehow involved – but how? Tony is still reeling from the thought he has to move out. An idea starts to develop and he suggests he and Beth and their kids move in together. They love spending time together and their kids get along – it all makes sense. Beth happily accepts – a new beginning…

Morag lays down her suspicions about Amanda to Graham. Graham doesn’t want to hear it but Morag persists – his loyalty is admirable but is he being played for a fool? Morag feeds his doubt by bringing truths of his relationship to the surface – such as why is he always babysitting Ryan, and Amanda is always too tired for affection? Graham is a little subdued after his encounter with Morag – definite food for thought. He returns home to find Amanda straightening herself up – after another session with Josh. Ryan spots a mark on Amanda’s neck, it’s a hickey. Amanda stumbles to find an excuse and Graham becomes increasingly suspicious. Graham searches around for the statement of their joint bank account and discovers several large sums of money have been withdrawn. When Amanda returns Graham asks how Amanda is going with the account keeping (which she has solely been taking care of) and insists they haven’t spent much money at all. Graham knows she is lying – and is now convinced she is taking his money.

Whist Amanda is in the shower, Graham takes her phone and scrolls through the messages – most of which are from Josh. He opens one and is shocked to read the suggestive text – it’s the final confirmation that he is being played for a fool! Graham reveals to Morag her suspicions were correct, but Morag insists Josh and Amanda need to be taught a lesson and they are just the ones to do so!

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