Episode 4117

Australian Air Date: 7th February 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Mark Piper

Martha wages a desperate battle to escape her captors. Amanda’s manipulation of Graham continues.

Extended Summary

Martha is still unconscious on the floor of the shed, when Charity enters to see if she is still out cold. Martha is in serious trouble… Alf’s frustration grows as Martha has still not shown up for her shift at the Surf Club. Jack comes in, also looking for Martha. Jack and Alf share a sinking feeling – has Martha gone back out to The Farm? Jack tries to call her mobile, it rings out… They decide to wait a little longer for her… Back at The Farm, Tasha heads toward the shed to get some gardening tools – Charity asks Jonah where she is and panics to hear she is going to the shed! Charity and Jonah stop Tasha just as she is about to open the door to reveal her friend – so close!! Jonah sneaks into the shed, takes Martha’s mobile from her pocket and grabs a shovel – Tasha, Charity and Jonah move off. Later, Jonah asks Charity what the hell is going on with Martha? As Charity explains it was an order from Mumma Rose, Martha’s mobile rings – Charity hangs up the call. Jack at the Surf Club is confused at the call hang up. As Jack and Alf head for The Farm, concerned for Martha, Jack gets a text from Martha saying she is at the Farm and that she is okay. The text is sent by Charity… Jonah’s concern rises – what if Tasha finds out about Martha? In the shed, Martha begins to stir – she gets to her feet, calls for help and can’t open the bolted door! After much struggle, she regains her strength and finds a vent behind some hay. She escapes! Jonah is suspicious and wanders in her direction, nearly apprehending Martha – she bolts and leaves the furious Jonah running behind… Soon after, Jack, Rice, Alf and Martha arrive at The Farm. Tasha is stunned! Jack presents his search warrant and claims The Believers are holding someone against their will. Jonah, Charity and Tasha can’t believe it! Martha leads them to the hatch, Jonah tries to stop them in sheer panic – Jack lifts the hatch door… It’s filled with stinky compost! Martha can’t believe it! Tasha feels betrayed by Martha… How could she? Jack grabs Jonah – he’s taking him to the station on suspicion of kidnapping – The Believers are outraged! Tasha is left reeling as Jonah is dragged off with the police!

Graham smiles at Amanda – the post-nuptial papers are signed! He decides to visit Beth, it’s her birthday – he wants to show her the papers in hope it will mend the huge family rift this relationship has caused. Beth is surprised to see her Dad – he hands her a birthday card and shows her the post-nuptials. Beth is wary, but thanks Graham as Amanda wishes Beth a happy birthday… Perhaps Graham and Beth can heal their stormy father/daughter relationship after all. Later that night, Josh pays Amanda a visit – he misses her. Amanda sends him on his way with a kiss, worried that Graham will catch them out!

Robbie is feeling increasingly uncertain about his ‘job’ working for Josh. Robbie is given another package to deliver – he takes it, knowing this is all dodgy, but wanting to help Tasha. He asks Josh how progress is going with The Farm investigations – under control, the secretary is onto it. Josh stresses to Robbie that another package will be given for Robbie to return – you really can’t screw this one up… Robbie is getting in way over his head now… After the delivery, Robbie hands the package to Josh’s secretary and asks her about the arrangements for The Farm investigation Josh had mentioned – she has no idea what Robbie talking about! Josh has been lying to him! Robbie rips into Josh about this – Robbie is ropable! Josh tries to talk his way out of it, but Robbie won’t hear it – he’s going to tell Graham about the fling with Amanda and reveal the dodgy cash bribes! Robbie bolts out with Josh in hot pursuit – desperate to keep his secret!

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