Episode 4105

Australian Air Date: 20th January 2006
Writer: Phil Sanders, Phil Lloyd
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Morag’s investigation of Project 56 leads to a violent showdown. Peter’s re-appearance complicates Leah and Dan’s estrangement.

Extended Summary

Leah has settled Rachel into bed to sleep after their drama with Dudley and the storm – what a night! Leah tells Peter of her and Dan’s separation and her anger toward his actions. She becomes emotional and acknowledges she and Dan won’t work things out this time, not after everything that has happened. Leah is apologetic to Peter for her outburst. Not at all. He’ll be there for her whenever she needs him. She asks why he’s back in the Bay, Peter lies, he’s awkward and Leah notices… Peter enters the surf club, Dan asks after Leah, he fills Dan in and lets on that he knows about the separation. Dan beats himself up over the whole situation. Brotherly support from Peter. He understands what he’s going through… Clare has left him! She was cheating on him…

While prompting Amanda to suss out the best time to ask Graham for money, Josh reinforces that her marrying Graham was a great move for Project 56. Has she heard anything from Morag? No… Amanda raises the idea of starting a small acting school with Graham… He is supportive and offers to bankroll her idea; after all she is his wife! Ecstatic, Amanda grins deviously…so easy! Amanda is home when Josh appears with a laptop and the slide show presentation for the launch. She tells Josh how easy it was to get the $50,000 from Graham – simple!

A letter of offer to buy the house is amongst Leah’s mail. She puts it aside and her eyes cast on the wedding album. Leah cries tears of pain at the images… Reading the pregnancy form again, Dan appears. She quickly hides the letter. He begs for another shot, promises to never lie, and professes his love…all in vain. She sadly asks him to just go…Leah gives Dan’s mail to Alf asking him to hand it on, sure love. She sees the letter of the house offer from ‘some Tiverson’ company amongst them and comments on it. Morag is all ears, Leah hands the letter over. Morag reads with much interest…

Josh and Amanda are interrupted by Morag appearing in the doorway! She asks about the letters to all of Leah’s street wanting to purchase their homes… Josh looks particularly protective of what is displayed on the computer screen…. Morag swans off, smugly…

Peter drops by to see that Leah is okay after Dan’s visit…. He can see Leah is truly spent, and demands she sit down while he makes her a cuppa. Peter sees the form from the hospital confirming her pregnancy, Leah walks in! You have to tell Dan about the pregnancy after all you’ve been through to get to this point… Peter insists… Leah refuses, not at the moment… Talking emotionally about the life she dreamt of having with Dan her tears continue… Peter comforts her, their eyes lock, a ‘moment’… He hurries out – what just happened?! Amanda is really stressing about Morag now… She quickly shoves Josh to hide as Graham enters and passionately kisses him before he sees Josh in the kitchen. Josh sneaks out – close! Amanda heads out to get dinner, seconds later Morag appears and acts her way into the house and manages to download the info from the computer onto disc! Morag grins, she’s got it!

Graham lets Amanda know about Morag’s visit – rather odd… Amanda panics and calls Josh as: Morag heads into the club, pops in the disc and sees ‘Project 56’ on screen! Ah ha! As she goes to open the file, Josh slams his hand down on the keyboard. Not willing to give him the disk, Morag gets into a scuffle with Josh, Amanda enters as Morag falls and hits her head – she’s out cold! Josh forces Amanda out of the club leaving Morag alone, empty handed and out cold on the floor….