Episode 4104

Australian Air Date: 19th January 2006
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Tasha’s world comes crumbling down around her when Robbie is swept away by raging flood waters. Leah’s hostage nightmare intensifies as she struggles to escape her captor’s clutches.

Extended Summary

Still captive in her own home by the injured Dudley, Leah moves towards the letter opener, saying she is getting him a first aid kit. Dudley screams at her to sit down. On her way back she subtly swipes the letter opener! She sits with Dudley. He begins to fall asleep…

Upset, Tasha is sitting in the tent when she faintly hears cries for help. It sounds like Robbie… Robbie holds onto the branch for dear life as the rapids attempt to drag him away. Tasha and Jonah rush to his aide. Jonah reaches out to grab Robbie. The water is raging out of control, Robbie starts to slip, Tasha is hysterical as Jonah looses him and Robbie is dragged downstream! Mumma Rose rushes to the stream and throws her arms around the hysterical Tasha. She insists that all they can do now is pray. Jonah and Mumma lead Tasha to the tent. She wants to call Robbie’s family but she can’t find her phone, where is it? Mumma Rose says it must have blown away in the storm… A Believer enters holding a pair of broken glasses found by the river!

Rachel is by Kim’s side when he suddenly starts to cough and splutter! She is talking to Kim when Hyde and Irene return from a break – he’s out of the coma! Relief at the sight of conscious Kim! Leah carefully heads to the door, but Dudley wakes and leaps up to stop her! In a flash Leah whips out the letter opener holding it at Dudley. He grabs Leah’s wrist forcing her to drop the opener…. Now Dudley is really angry!

Kim is more alert now and speaks honestly about what happened. He feels like quite the idiot. Irene introduces Rachel to Kim, explaining that she saved his life! They share a warm smile. Kim breaks down and admits that he couldn’t cope with Hayley leaving and the news about Noah so he turned to drugs as an escape…..he needs help. An honest and difficult moment for Kim.

Rachel arrives on Leah’s doorstep but she won’t let her in as per Dudley’s demands. Rachel is instantly suspicious. Dudley drags Rachel into the house! Leah reveals to Rachel that she and Dan are separated and that she is pregnant and Dan doesn’t know… Leah starts to sob. Rachel convinces Dudley to let her tend to his injured arm, but no funny business!

Robbie is found lying on the river bank, shivering and in shock. Tasha rushes to his side. Jonah says Robbie was lucky to survive the accident – Robbie says that this wasn’t an accident – he was pushed! He accuses Jonah, Tasha is furious explaining Jonah risked his own life to help Robbie! Mumma Rose says that if her friends are going to behave like this they are not welcome. Tasha tells Robbie to go – he can’t believe it! Jonah watches Mumma Rose….he is suspicious…

Leah sneakily sends a text message to Dan while Rachel tends to Dudley’s arm. Dudley spots this, snatches the phone, beep-beep, too late! A scuffle breaks out; the girls are really scared now! Two hands rip Dudley away with force – it’s Peter! The girls are relieved as he takes control… Dan gets the text message from Leah – Oh my God! He rushes out to help them. The police take Dudley away, Leah, in tears, turns to Peter for comfort as Dan arrives and wonders what he’s brother is doing there?! Leah is stand-offish with him. Dan leaves, again.

Mumma Rose implies to Jonah that she pushed Robbie! She orders Jonah to ‘take care of Robbie’ if he tries to come between them and Tasha again! Jonah is left reeling at his orders to kill!!

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