Episode 4103

Australian Air Date: 18th January 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle, Margaret Wilson
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Lives are on the line as the cyclone continues to terrorise the Bay. Leah is taken hostage by an enemy from the past.

Extended Summary

Alf and Flynn rush to Sally as she lies unmoving on the ground. Flynn finds her pulse, she’s knocked out – thank god she’s alive! Alf tries to rouse Sally as Flynn attempts to get the kids out of the van, he grabs a branch, but Alf stops him – he needs something more insulated! Sally starts to come round now, but Flynn won’t let her move. Dan arrives on the scene and is filled in on what’s happened. Alf hands Flynn insulated gear, Dan isn’t convinced, Flynn continues regardless – the kids have to jump out on his count! Flynn gets a shock from the wires, Alf tells him to leave it, Flynn refuses to give up. He tries again, holding the wires back – the kids jump out! Flynn collapses to the ground, all rush to him, but he’s okay! He jumps up and they help each other back to the house. Dan hopes that Leah is okay… Flynn tends to Sally’s burnt hands as Cassie apologises for causing such a drama. Dan wants to go to Leah now that the weather has calmed down a bit. Sally gives him the keys to their car…

Beth is worried sick about Robbie. Tony comforts her saying the storm won’t be as severe in the hills. Robbie is a smart kid, he’ll be okay. Jonah, Tasha and Robbie check on the others. Robbie remarks they are lucky at the Farm being so sheltered. Charity insists they were saved by prayer to the universe. An argument breaks out, Tasha is angry that Robbie can’t respect her decision. She turns her back on him and leaves.

Leah is alone and trying not to let the panic take over as she looks at her wedding ring and the pregnancy results…the wind thrashes against the house and a crash outside gives Leah a fright. Leah answers the door – it’s Dan. She insists that she is okay and tells Dan to just go! She closes the door on him and starts to cry. Someone is watching Leah through the kitchen window….

Robbie snoops around looking for something to prove to Tasha that these guys are dodgy. Charity sees him and notifies the group. Tasha is furious at him – how dare he spy on her friends?! Robbie says it is for her – she says she doesn’t want anything to do with him at all.

Leah hears a noise, she calls out, no one responds. She hears the noise again and opens the front door to see Dudley! He forces his way into the house. Leah pleads with him – he is here to pay back Dan! He has escaped from a police car and has cut his arm quite badly. He doesn’t listen to Leah when she suggests he should get it looked at. Leah’s mobile rings, it’s Dan – Dudley grabs it from her. He’s going to stay till Dan shows up! Leah sees a letter opener on the desk, how can she get her hands on it?

A devastated, Robbie makes his way back to his car and pauses at a slope, deep in thought. Suddenly he lunges forward, as if he has been pushed, and plummets down into raging rapids. He manages to cling to a branch, in complete panic he screams out for help!

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