Episode 4102

Australian Air Date: 17th January 2006
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

Summer Bay braces itself for devastation as the cyclone rips through town. Kim’s heartbreaking fight for life continues.

Extended Summary

Irene and Barry Hyde continue to watch on anxiously as Rachel and the hospital staff are desperately trying to revive Kim using CPR. The power is still out! It’s been ten minutes since Kim arrested, still no pulse, Nurse Ryan say’s they have to stop, he’s gone! Rachel refuses and continues to pound on Kim’s chest until finally Nurse Sue feels Kim’s pulse! Rachel has saved Kim – relief all around, but it’s not over yet. As Rachel begins to intubate him the generator kicks in – finally!! The hospital lights back up. Irene and Hyde are visibly relieved…

Alf barks orders at Sally, Flynn and Ric on how to protect themselves within the house before the cyclone hits as Jack and Martha arrive. They call the Hunter house – no answer – the lines have cut out. Jack decides to head for the Hunter house, Martha is going with him. Ric can’t get Cassie off his mind, he heads out of the house ignoring the others calling after him. Alf follows Ric … To no avail, Alf tries to reason with Ric, telling him to return to safety. Colleen appears in the darkness; she is headed for the house and falls over in the strong winds, Ric bolts into the night to look for Cassie. Alf helps Colleen, worried sick about leaving Ric out there…

Jack and Martha rush in and tell the Hunter household about the cyclone. Panic as they all prepare for the massive storm, stacking furniture, taping windows… Robbie tries to call Tasha – no answer! He has to get out there to see if she’s okay. Beth tries to stop him, but Robbie’s too worked up, he runs out and doesn’t look back. Beth, Tony, Lucas, Matilda, Jack and Martha cling together for all they’re worth as the roof rattles, the wind gets louder and debris flies and crashes on the house. Matilda and Beth are panicked about Robbie driving through the cyclone…Tasha is freaking out as the tent around her is thrown around in the storm, practically blowing away with her in it! Jonah arrives and comforts her – all she can think about is Robbie… Tasha is surprised to see Robbie; he just had to see that she was okay. Jonah insists she is, Robbie snaps, he didn’t ask Jonah. There is a loud crash, the cyclone has hit!

Kim is still in the coma and it’s impossible for Rachel to say when or if he will ever come out of it. Hyde loses it – he’s going to give that Kylie and her druggie mates a piece of his mind! Ric finds Cassie huddled up in a caravan, crying. He explains the cyclone situation as a piece of debris slams into the caravan, the cyclone is here!

Ric wants to head back to the house – he puts his foot down on the wet floor and is stung with an electric shock! He pulls the curtain aside to see live wires’ hanging against the van – Oh my god the van is electrified!! Sally remembers that Cassie has been heading to van 28 lately for some time out, without a second thought she rushes out. Frantic, Flynn and Alf give chase…

Ric and Cassie see Sally heading for the van, they call out to her, telling her not to touch anything – she can’t hear them! Sally grabs the door knob to the van and is instantly flung back to the ground with a heavy thud. Cassie and Ric scream – is Sally alive?