Episode 4101

Australian Air Date: 16th January 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

A vicious cyclone descends on the Bay. Kim wages a desperate bid for survival in the wake of his overdose. Flynn’s decision to end his life throws his family in to turmoil. Amanda and Graham’s marriage pushes Beth to the edge.

Extended Summary

The heavy rain continues to pelt down on Summer Bay as a car pulls up to the hospital and dumps an unconscious, pale body in the gutter before taking off. It’s Kim, and there is noone around to help him!

At Summer Bay House Sally is stunned at Flynn’s suggestion that he use the morphine now. Flynn lets her know that he doesn’t want everyone to watch him suffer; things are hard enough without him seeing their lives being torn apart by his illness. Sally refuses to help him do this; she wants him to be around for as long as possible!

An angry and frantic Robbie is still in shock about Tasha’s decision to live with The Believers over him. He and Martha decide to head to The Farm to talk some sense into her. Jack works hard to convince them that isn’t the best idea, particularly with such a big storm on its way to the Bay.

Word travels quickly of the news of Amanda and Graham’s wedding. No-one can believe it! Especially Beth, what the hell was my father thinking?

Sally and Flynn continue discussing his decision to start the Morphine when Cassie overhears their conversation. She is devastated when she asks Flynn if this is all true and he confirms what she overheard. Cassie bolts from the house as Ric enters wondering what is going on.

Beth needs a drink after the day she’s had. As she enters the Surf Club she sees Amanda flaunting her wedding ring and Beth can’t hold herself back. She slams Amanda with cold, hard honesty followed promptly by a jug of juice over Amanda’s head and new dress! Everyone stifles laughter as Graham fusses over his humiliated bride.

Sally, Ric and Alf have searched for Cassie, but there’s no sign of her. It’s dark, wet and dangerous. Flynn is left feeling guilty…if only she hadn’t overheard what he had said.

An Orderly finally spots Kim lying in the gutter and gets him into emergency. Rachel takes charge of the situation but is finding it hard to stabilise him. Dr Rachel Armstrong orders a urine analysis and is shocked at the result. Irene and Hyde arrive and wait anxiously. Rachel explains that Kim is in a GBH coma. She explains it is due to Kim taking a party drug and that the coma can be lethal….he has a 50% chance of survival! Hyde and Irene watch on as Rachel tries to save Kim. He begins to arrest, Rachel grabs the defibrillator ready to act, then without warning, there is a power surge and everything blows, including the equipment! Rachel frantically starts resuscitating by hand. Will Kim survive?

Amanda drops by to give Beth a serve back, letting her know that Graham is now Amanda’s and that there is nothing Beth can do to stop it! Beth is stunned! How dare she?!

Alf gets a call from the Coast Guard, bad news, there’s a cyclone forming off shore which will hit the Bay in half an hour!

Guest Cast