Episode 4100

Australian Air Date: 25th November 2005
UK Air Date: 12th May 2006
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Mark Piper

As a freak storm descends on town, Summer Bay’s favourite residents are rocked by a series of heartbreaking, devious and deadly decisions. But nothing will prepare anyone for the explosive climax that will change their lives forever.

Extended Summary

Everyone is gathered at the Beach House for Baby Noah’s christening and Scott and Hayley’s farewell. It’s a bitter sweet occasion – especially for Kim who does his best to hide his sadness. Sally has also noticed Leah’s reservations. In a flood of tears, Leah confides she can’t trust Dan anymore and questions if their marriage is over. Sally is stunned.

As the party draws to an end, everyone gathers around. It’s a heartfelt moment as the folks of Summer Bay bid a heartfelt and teary farewell to their friends – goodbye Hayley and Scott…

Saddened by the farewell, Kim meets up with Kylie to take his mind of things. She offers him a pill, but he declines. Dean overhears Kim comment on the pain he is feeling and offers some pain relief of the “stronger” variety. He so desperately wants to rid himself of the emotional and physical hurt – and finally gives in…but what harm is Kim about to inflict on himself?

Dan begs Leah not to give up on their marriage – but Leah tells Dan she is not prepared to forgive him and asks Dan to leave. As Dan walks out the door, devastated…Leah takes a piece of paper from her handbag. It’s a letter from the hospital…confirming Leah is pregnant!

Tasha is feeling guilty for leaving the farewell party early to meet Jonah and decides it’s time to come clean. Tasha tells Robbie she has decided to join The Believers. Robbie is speechless!

Sally is nursing Flynn after being sick in front of everyone at the party. Flynn hates the man he is becoming and can’t bear the humiliation caused from his illness. Sally tries to revive Flynn’s spirits but to no avail – he wants to preserve his dignity and there is only one way to do so. Flynn reveals he wants to use morphine to end his suffering…Sally’s heart sinks…

Josh congratulates Amanda on her “engagement” with Graham – everything is going to plan. That is, until they are interrupted by Morag who reveals she knows a whole lot more about Project 56. Josh and Amanda are seriously rattled now. They need Graham’s money immediately – the only option now is for Amanda to marry Graham. Amanda expresses her concern to Graham how everyone will react to their engagement and fears it will change the way he feels about her. Graham is adamant it won’t happen – and makes the spontaneous suggestion they get married at the registry office – today! Graham has just fallen straight in to their trap!

Beth has returned home, still emotional from Scott and Hayley’s farewell. Jack and Martha burst in and deliver the shocking news…Graham and Amanda are getting married! Beth is utterly stunned. It’s a race against the clock to stop the wedding…but it’s too late! Beth watches on in horror, as her father and Amanda are pronounced husband and wife!

Plot Change: Martha and Jack are happily reunited. An intimate moment as Martha expresses her wish to give their relationship their best shot – no more secrets, no more lies. Jack makes his promise. But as Martha leaves the room…Jack pulls out his phone and dials…”Hello Sweetie, it’s Daddy! There are plenty more secrets…

Guest Cast


Return appearance, last seen as a ghost in Episode #3994. Was seen tending to an elderly patient on a city hospital, planning her revenge on Summer Bay.

Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #4092. Greeted Kim at another drug-filled house party.


Married Graham and Amanda.

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #4092. Introduced Kim to a new level of drug taking, with devastating results.

Arrivals and Departures

Hayley Lawson (Ella Scott Lynch)
Left for a new life in France with Scott and baby Noah.

Scott Hunter (Kip Gamblin)
Left for a new life in France with Hayley and baby Noah.