Kylie Kopperton

Kylie Kopperton (2005)
Leah Etkind
Episodes: 4069-4100

Occupation: Receptionist

When Robbie and Kim acidentally found themselves staying at a nudist camp, they met Kylie, who was the camp’s receptionist-cum-hostess.Robbie tried to get into the swing of things by coming down to breakfast naked only to find everyone else fully clothed and Kylie explained that they normally dressed for meals. That evening, the pair ran into Kylie again during a dance party at the surf club where she seemed to take a liking to Kim, who had just broken up with Hayley.She offered him some ecstasy tablets which he refused, although he didn’t seem bothered about her taking one herself.

She ran into Kim again at a similar event a few weeks later, where he explained how he was feeling pushed out of his presumed son Noah’s life and again refused her offer of chemical assistance.The following week, Kylie saw Kim on the beach after he had just found out he wasn’t Noah’s father.She offered to talk to him about it but he claimed he’d dealt with it.Instead, he persuaded her to go to a party with him and surprised her by asking to share her tablets.

A few days later, Kylie took Kim to a party at her friend Dean’s house.They again took drugs together only for the party to be raided by Jack and the police and they were both taken in for questioning.In the 2005 finale, after watching Hayley, Scott and Noah leave town, Kim met up with Kylie at another of Dean’s parties.After a spot of drug taking, she noticed he looked the worse for wear and he decided to leave. Unnoticed by Kylie, Kim was intercepted by Dean, who persuaded him to join some friends who were taking liquid ecstasy.

When Kim was hospitalised with a drug overdose at the start of the following year, Barry blamed Kylie but Kim told him that she had been angry when she found out what Dean and his friends had done and had forced them to take him to the hospital.

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