Eve ‘Zoe McCallister’ Jacobsen

Emily Perry

Eve ‘Zoe McCallister’ Jacobson (2005, 2006)
Emily Perry
Episodes: 3880-3954, 4100, 4187-4212

Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse; Nurse

Eve Jacobson was working as a nurse at a psychiatric institution when she broke all the rules by falling in love with a patient, “Psycho Sarah” Lewis. Sarah, whether through love or manipulation, convinced Eve that she loved her too, as much as she’d loved her deceased boyfriend Felix. He had in fact died as a result of drugs Sarah gave him, but she believed he died as a result of injuries sustained when he was beaten up. Desperate to avenge his death, Sarah convinced Eve to help her escape.

Unfortunately for Eve, her love soon perished when her maniacal antics ended with a dramatic shooting in which she died – along with local d-gooder Noah Lawson.

Eve, showing many of Sarah’s psychotic traits, blamed her death on the residents of Summer Bay and she too wanted revenge.

She disappeared from the institution where she worked, and murdered a new nurse called Zoe McCallister, who was about to begin work at Yabbie Creek Hospital, close to Summer Bay. Eve assumed Zoe’s identity and started a bushfire to remove the evidence and stop anyone identifying the real Zoe’s body.

She then burned down Noah Lawson’s former home, with his wife Hayley still inside, but when that didn’t work, she turned her attention to getting rid of larger groups of Summer Bay residents.

By sending Leah anonymous plane tickets and ensuring she would invite her friends, Eve was almost able to kill the group after the plane – which she had sabotaged – crashed into the ground, but only the pilot died as a result.
Luckily, Zoe was able to frame wicked Marc Edwards for her devious crimes by pretending he attacked her, and his own list of evil antics left nobody – including cops Peter Baker and Claire Brady – in any doubt that the psycho had been caught.

However, Eve wasn’t satisfied until she had her revenge, and had two unsuccessful attempts at killing Sally Fletcher after she called Sarah “a real psycho”.

Eve then suggested a murder mystery party, which may have seemed like an interesting day out for the Summer Bay residents, but in fact was a cover for the attempted killing of half the town’s population, as she had hidden a bomb outside the house! Unfortunately, it was diffused and everyone survived, but the day wasn’t a complete let-down for Eve – Marc had been released on bail, and then worked out she was the real stalker, but a couple of whacks with a crowbar soon sorted the problem.

Once again, she framed Marc and then crashed his car, with his body inside, to make it look like his death was accidental. Peter and Claire knew that Marc had died before the crash, but to avoid alarming the public, everyone was allowed to believe that Marc had been the stalker but was now dead.

At the Miss Groper pageant, Eve forced the cops to work undercover after threatening another attack at the event – but she was only toying with them.

She then attacked Peter at an abattoir, but he escaped by taunting her about not having power over him (although he believed that she was Sarah, somehow not dead)

When the police wanted to hypnotise her to discover more about her ‘attack’, since they now knew it wasn’t Marc, she ‘let slip’ that the stalker wasn’t dead, and then faked her own kidnapping, making it look like she had been taken because the stalker had found out she was going to be hypnotised. She even sent an e-mail to Peter, claiming to that ‘Zoe’ was dead.

She then kidnapped Sally Fletcher, but her downfall was nigh as both Sally and the cops (after Peter researched Sarah’s time at the institution and found ‘Zoe’ was infact Sarah’s missing carer) and Sally was recued before Eve was able to finish her off. Then, Eve spectacularly met her maker as the builing blew up with her inside, putting an end to her evil reign of terror over Summer Bay.

However, it was revealed in the 2005 Season Finale that Eve was still alive.

A few months later Peter Baker returned to the bay acting mysteriously and making Jack suspicious that he was somehow involved in Josh West’s death and in cohorts with the stalker. Having been assigned to go through missing persons reports one name, Laura McPhearson stood out. She had disappeared at the same time as the explosion at the warehouse and had similar profile and features to Zoe. Sharing his thoughts with Martha, Jack wondered if Zoe was still alive and if Peter had known all along. Jack confronted Peter about his theory and Peter confirmed that Zoe was indeed alive but by keeping it quiet he was hoping they’d be ready for her when she finally returned to the bay. At the end of the episode a car pulled up at the ‘Welcome to Summer Bay’ sign and Zoe got out.

Later when Peter and Jack went to his apartment an electrician was knocking on the door of the apartment next door and unseen by Peter and Jack the door was opened by a disguised and smirking Zoe.

Next on Zoe’s agenda was a series of emails sent to Peter luring him to the warehouse where Sally had been held hostage and Zoe had supposedly died. Entering the warehouse Peter found a note saying ‘bang’ and in the next room another note ‘bang, bang’. Heading upstairs he found a bullet with his name on it and an alarm clock which promptly went off. Hearing a door bang downstairs he raced after it only to be confronted by the police teams. With no sign of Zoe at the warehouse Peter headed off but later at the Diner he found a note on his car windscreen ‘you’re dead’ and then was forced to duck as a number of bullets were fired.

The next day heralded the arrival of Senior Detective Tracey Thompson and a box on Peter’s desk containing blank bullets with the note ‘next time they’ll be real’. A break in was reported over the radio and realising that the address was his flat, Peter and Tracey raced there to find the flat completely trashed apart from one drawer which when opened was revealed to contain a bomb. As Tracey tried to evacuate the building Peter tried to diffuse the bomb but failed and as the counter reached zero he and Tracey dived to the floor only for there to be no bomb, just the sound of an alarm clock going off. Later, back in the station Peter found yet another alarm clock in his desk drawer.

Next on Zoe’s agenda was a break in at the Caravan Park house, which aroused Sally’s suspicions and they were later confirmed when she found a red light bulb in her kitchen and on changing it, discovered the words ‘tick, tock’. Receiving word that a Wal Harrise had rented storage space, Peter and Jack headed to investigate only to find the words ‘Getting closer Peter’ on the wall in red paint. Spotting a figure running from the scene Peter shot them only for the figure to be revealed as male. He recovered in hospital and reluctantly told Peter that he was doing work for somebody he had never met, operating under the name Maxine Trood. Convinced it was another anagram Peter set about trying to solve it to no avail. Later at a surprise engagement party for Jack and Martha a videotape arrived as a surprise present. Playing the tape Peter was horrified to see amongst other things a photo of him with a noose round his neck and the background sound of ‘tick, tock’.

With the town up in arms about being kept in the dark, Peter invited them all to a town meeting the following morning and then returned to the station only to find ‘you didn’t see that coming did you Peter?’ scrawled on the walls. Tracey suggested to a shocked Peter that it seemed Zoe was being assisted by somebody in the bay, how else was she getting all inside information? The next morning at the town meeting Peter attempted to reassure the town of a large police presence only for a loud bang to ring out. Racing out of the Surf Club they found a car across the road from the club, alight. Back at the police station Peter and Tracey sought to figure out where Zoe was getting her information from, only for a rattling air conditioning vent to reveal a hidden camera, filming their every move.

Finally convinced to get some rest Peter headed home only to realise that Maxine Trood was an anagram for ‘I am next door’. Heading next door he was surprised to find the flat practically empty save for a laptop with a picture of him with a noose round his neck and a lot of fertiliser and bomb making equipment. Believing he was finally one step ahead of Zoe, Peter was furious to receive a text saying ‘how did you like my apartment?’ Back at the station Peter received an email telling him to go to the old abattoir, alone.

At the abattoir Peter saw a balaclava clad stalker and chased her only to end up trapped in a room. Through the window Zoe removed her balaclava and told him it was ‘game over’. With his hands bound, Zoe led him into another room and told him how she survived the explosion. Jack arrived at the scene and managed to tackle Zoe only for her to get away. Peter and Jack separated with Jack chasing her up a flight of stairs only for Peter to find Zoe holding Jack over a balcony three stories up. Offering to exchange himself for Jack, Peter kept Zoe talking while Tracey and the other officers circled behind her and handcuffed her. With Zoe in a cell, Peter could not help but gloat that it was over and that he had won, only for the episode to end with a telling smirk from Zoe.

With Zoe now seemingly behind bars, Peter let his guard down in order to attend Jack and Martha’s wedding. The reception though was crashed with the arrival of Zoe, holding Tracey hostage. Peter offered to swap Tracey for himself, only for Tracey to reveal herself to be Zoe’s accomplice. Sally announced that she could smell gas and a cake complete with sparklers was bought into the room. Peter screamed for everyone to get down as the Barn exploded, killing Zoe in the blast and putting a final end to her reign of terror.