Episode 5012

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2010
UK Air Date: 23rd February 2010
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Danny Raco

Angelo tries to understand Charlie’s refusal to move in with him. Mink creates more trouble for Xavier. Ruby tries to move on from her failed relationship with Geoff.

Extended Summary

After being told by Charlie that she doesn’t want to move in with him, Angelo passes on dinner, preferring to have some time alone. Ruby can’t believe what she’s done, but starts to understand when Charlie confesses she’s never moved in with a boyfriend. Charlie tries to smooth things with Angelo at work, but he surprises her by telling her he thinks she’ll get over not wanting to move in with time. Charlie tells him she doesn’t think she’ll change her mind, not now, not ever. Angelo tries to understand her perspective, but finds it difficult, left uncertain about their future as a couple. He thinks she’s trying to break up with him, but Charlie assures him she’s not, but they are both left re-thinking the relationship.

Irene tells Ruby that Geoff has called – he’s going take part in a missionary training course before heading out to Asia, but he’ll be going to see Annie first. Ruby is disappointed when she learns that Geoff didn’t ask to speak to her. She tries to take her mind off him by reading a new book, but she’s unable to focus. She runs into Xavier on the beach and they start chatting, clearing the air since their break up and her relationship with Geoff. But just as they’re starting to reconnect, Mink arrives, and stirs up trouble, ruining the friendly atmosphere. Xavier is left frustrated by Mink’s behaviour. At the Surf Club, Ruby runs into Angelo, sympathising with him over the situation with Charlie. Later that evening, Xavier goes to the beach house to apologise to Ruby for Mink’s stirring. She questions him on something Mink said, about Xavier saying Ruby had beautiful eyes, and its obvious that whilst Mink was merely stirring, there is still something between them.

When Romeo mentions how good a friend Xavier is, Mink challenges him – he can’t be that good if Romeo hasn’t told him the truth about their dad. Xavier admits to Gina that she was right about Mink – she was trouble. Romeo arrives and apologies to Gina for what Mink said to her the other day. Gina’s fine about it and thanks him for the apology. Having a surf together, Mink spies Xavier and Ruby talking together, and stating to Romeo that Xavier is growing on her, she can’t resist messing with them. Romeo drags her away, telling her off for what she did, but Mink isn’t interested – it’s not her fault if they can’t take a joke. Romeo apologizes to Xavier about Mink’s behaviour, revealing that he’s worried that Mink will get herself in real trouble one day. Later on, Mink sneaks into Xavier’s room and steals the money left by Hugo.

Guest Cast