Episode 5013

Australian Air Date: 17th February 2010
UK Air Date: 24th February 2010
Writer: Cameron Welsh
Director: Danny Raco

Mink creates havoc for Xavier and Romeo. Leah finally finds the courage to visit Hazem. With Irene at a loose end, Alf offers her a job at the Surf Club.

Extended Summary

Mink is in a very good mood, raising Romeo’s suspicions as to why. When Xavier discovers the money Hugo left him is missing, the boys quickly realise it’s Mink who has taken it. They head over to Summer Bay House, just missing Mink who has walked out with the box. After some teasing from Miles they eventually learn that Mink had the box. When they see her on the beach wearing a new wetsuit, she’s happy to tell them she’s also booked a convertible to drive around – they need to have some fun with the money. But the boys confront her, and in the exchange, Mink has some harsh words for Xavier, which upset him. Romeo warns her that if she keeps pushing people away, one day they won’t return to her. Mink eventually caves, and agrees to return the wetsuit and the rest of the money she took. She comes to see Xavier and offers her version of an apology, which ends with Xavier giving her some harsh words. She’s shallow, predictable and a fake. She then punches his arm and kisses him on the lips, just to throw Xavier off.

Miles suggests to Leah that she go and see Hazem, it may be a way to get past her fear of going outside. Leah isn’t sure so takes her to see Alf, who also chimes in with similar advice – seeing her out and about would also be good for Hazem, she should do it. Leah takes this advice, arranging to visit Hazem at his hospital in the city. When Miles arrives to take her to the city, Leah states that she can’t go. Miles isn’t going to take no for an answer, and with the promise of her favourite 90’s CD’s and a ‘Thelma & Louise’ style trip waiting for her in the car, Miles convinces her to go. With Miles there for support, Leah visits, and seeing Hazem bandaged and hurt makes her feel for him. But finally seeing him allows her to let out a lot of her emotions, and she cries for her friend. But the prospect of staying with him scares her – is this too much for Leah to handle?

Since the Diner was burnt down, Irene has found herself at a bit of a loss – with no job to go to, and with all the kids having moved out or left, she’s at a loose end. She talks to Martha about it, who in turn talks to Alf. Alf decides to help out his old friend and offers her a job at the Surf Club’s Juice Bar while the Diner is being rebuilt. Irene is ecstatic and gets to work immediately. But it doesn’t take long for Irene to get on his nerves – instructing him on the correct way to slice pineapple. Alf can’t help but wonder if he’s made a mistake in hiring Irene – how long will this last?

Guest Cast


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