Episode 5014

Australian Air Date: 18th February 2010
UK Air Date: 25th February 2010
Writer: Andrew Osborne
Director: Danny Raco

Leah has a tough decision to make. Nicole wonders why Aden is being distant. Tony finds out why the gym is losing clients. John makes amends to Leah and Hazem when his role in the attack is finally revealed.

Extended Summary

Leah is still with Hazem and she’s starting to open up about everything she’s been through since the riot. But she’s completely blindsided when Hazem reveals that his recovery’s going to take a long time – has some paralysis down his side. When Leah meets Hazem’s mother, she realizes that Nira is under the impression Leah is going to stay for the duration of Hazem’s recovery, even offering her a place to stay – something Leah hadn’t thought about, and isn’t sure she’s able to do.

While struggling with this decision, John arrives, and Leah’s initial flurry of anger is quelled when Hazem reveals it was John who saved his life. Leah is stunned. After talking things through with Miles, Leah decides she’s going to stay with Hazem. On telling him, he can tell she is hesitant and Hazem tells her he understands and that in the end, they both know it’s best if she doesn’t – it would not be the best start to a relationship. Upon her return to the Bay, John visits Leah and admits his mistakes in the riot – whilst he saved Hazem he could’ve acted faster. As a result he has offered to pay towards Hazem’s medical costs. It would appear John has reached something of a turning point.

Making out on the couch, Nicole is thrown when Aden pulls away and heads home abruptly. She visits him the next day to find out why he was being weird, but she gets angry when he acts like she was the one with the problem. Once calm, she tries to figure out why, asking for Alf’s advice, but his only advice is to speak to Aden. Aden goes to her and asks her what’s wrong, but she can’t bring herself to ask him. That night, they’re on the couch together, but they’re apart, distant, and Nicole can only wonder what the hell is wrong?

Tony and John are still operating under their uneasy truce, but John seems to be making an effort to make things amiable between them. But when Tony discovers John has ordered new equipment that Tony had said no to, he gets angry, not interested in John’s explanation. Later, Tony tries to talk things through with John, telling him he’s discovered that people are cancelling memberships because they think John was involved with the riot. John visits Hazem in hospital, and Hazem suggests he write a letter to the paper detailing how John saved him, to help with the Gym’s business – John is hesitant about usng the paper at first, but comes around to the idea.

Guest Cast


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