Episode 5015

Australian Air Date: 19th February 2010
UK Air Date: 26th February 2010
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Danny Raco

Aden comes clean to Nicole about his feelings for her. Colleen walks in on Liam and Martha in a compromising position. Rabbit’s premonitions take a very dark turn for Miles.

Extended Summary

Not talking and not touching, things having grown colder and stranger between Aden and Nicole. But neither will admit there’s a problem. Ruby tells Nicole that she just needs to speak to Aden, but Nicole can’t – because she doesn’t think she can handle it if Aden says he doesn’t feel the same way about her. She goes to him and asks what’s going on. After some back and forth, Aden reveals he can’t do casual, not since Belle. He doesn’t know if he feels the same way Nicole does, but he needs this to be serious. Aden isn’t sure if he can be serious right now, and isn’t sure if it’s what he should be doing. This isn’t what Nicole wants to hear, and the pair resolve to speak later. when Aden goes to speak to her later, he admits that whatever he’s feeling, Nicole is worth it, and the pair kiss deeply.

Miles is finding Rabbit’s ability to predict everything – including his chess moves – a little strange. When Miles wakes up to find Rabbit standing over him, he’s thrown as she tells him he can’t go to sleep. If he does, he’ll die. Spooked by her previous premonitions, he isn’t sure what to do, but he decides to try and stay awake. He struggles, downing coffee all day which, alerts Leah’s suspicions – Miles tells her about the premonition, and she tells him that superstitions only have power if you give it to them. Regardless, Miles continues to try staying awake, tryinging to keep busy with various small tasks like chewing gum, but it’s not easy. Miles is scared out of his wits when he sees Rabbit in the house unannounced, and expresses his concerns about the premoition. Later, Miles nurses a cup of coffee, preparing for another long night awake…

Liam and Martha continue their flirtation and intimacy, but Martha is very casual about where it’s headed. Colleen arrives the next day, catching them in an intimate embrace on the kitchen table. Liam asks her what Colleen said, but Martha is coy, telling him that everything is fine. Later on, the fling appears to be still much much in swing.

Scenes cut from Episode
Rabbit agrees to help Miles stay awake, and they start to play cards.
Colleen ask Martha if she’s ready for something new. Martha tells her it’s nothing serious – they’re taking it one day at a time, but she promises Colleen she’ll be careful.

Guest Cast


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