Episode 5016

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2010
UK Air Date: 1st March 2010

Miles continues his struggle to stay awake. Romeo has a choice to make which doesn’t impress Mink. Nicole is coming to terms with going back to school as a mature age student.


Written by Margaret Wilson
Directed by Geoffrey Nottage

Extended Summary

Still spooked by Rabbit’s warning that he could die, Miles is getting no sleep and surviving on coffee. Turning up to school on day one sees Miles over tired and barely concentrating. Gina demands he go home to get some rest. Miles can’t sleep and soon comes up with a plan to help – he’ll start by cleaning the caravan park from top to bottom. If he’s exhausted he can fall asleep.

Nicole has paranoia over her decision to repeat year twelve. She mentions to a concerned Aden that she can always drop out if it doesn’t work out for her. And Mink doesn’t help things along when she continues to cause trouble in the Bay including hassling Nicole about her decision to go back to school as a mature age student.

Gina is hoping Mink’s influence isn’t deterring Romeo from considering going back to school. It’s clear that Mink has her issue with school as an institution and when she gets hold of the idea that Romeo is considering going back to school, she is completely flattened. She was hoping instead that he would hang out with her on the surfing circuit, maybe even be her surfing manager. Romeo weighs up his options, freedom and hanging out with Mink every day or school? Romeo chooses school.

Gina is quick to pick up on Mink’s anti school behaviour. Approaching her, Gina wonders what she has against learning. Gina also suggests for Mink to consider going back to school herself. Mink is her usual self – defensive. Mink refers to her past life of crime telling Gina that ex crims don’t go to school. Gina suggests for Mink to leave her past in the past, but Mink walks away.