Episode 2863

Australian Air Date: 28th June 2000

Judith struggles with letting go of Edward. Dani plans to run away. Joel is forced to face the past. Will Irene walk down the aisle in style?

First episode. Dani’s no-hoper boyfriend from the city. Secretly visited the Bay to see her.
Joel and Travis’ father. Appeared in a flashback of Joel’s after moving back into the Nash house.
Appeared in a flashback of Joel’s after moving back into the Nash house.

Extended Summary

Judith accuses Edward for plotting to undermine her authority as a principal. Edward points out to her that she is actually worrying more about herself and that she wants to get her way after seventeen years of caring for him. Irene catches up with Mitch and Hayley who fill her in with the news of Peta’s outburst. Irene calls over to see Judith with some advice. She says from experience that you would have to let them go sometime and that forcing them to stay would only make everyone miserable.

The Sutherland twins are complaining that they would have to work with Nick and Duncan. The boys are working hard, while Jade talks about Star Wars and Kirsty is in the house for some water. Kirsty is complaining that Jade’s singing is awful but Shelley thinks she is alright. Rhys does not think so; he says that both Jade and Shelley are both tone-deaf. When paytime came, the boys get $20 while the girls get $10. The girls complain but Rhys says they have not done much work. Kirsty decides to do more work and pulls Jade out; this puts a smile on his face.

Judith calls over to Joel and asks him for his help with Peta.

Joel calls over at the Sutherlands. He realises that Shelley now knows what happened in his life; Colleen has been filling in the details. Joel decides to talk to Colleen, but Shelley offers to listen to him. She points out that suppressing memories would not work; he would have to face the demons.

Judith returns home and gets an apology from Peta for speaking to her the way she did in public. Judith accepts it and Edward says that they are not sorry for their plans to leave as they are now more certain they want to leave and suggests that they move out otherwise it would be too awkward. Judith agrees and tells of his aunt who would be delighted to see him. He is puzzled as he did not know she would be back. Judith says she is back – in Rome; Edward and Peta now realise that they now have her blessing to travel.

Joel is putting the stuff back in the house. Gypsy returns, and asks him what is he doing. He tells her that she was right and that it was not his place to sweep away the stuff. She has heard of Peta and Edward going to Rome and suggests that he go over to see Judith as she may be alone now.

Will is doing his homework and asks Hayley for an answer; she refuses and covers Mitch’s mouth when he is about to say it. She says that it is called true love and talks about being a best man for their wedding. She realises that her dad has asked him to be a best man and asks Irene about bridesmaid; suggesting she be one. Irene talks to Ken and it appears that their original plan of a small wedding may become one large one, and he suggests that they have one anyway as they both deserve it. He persuades her to think about it.

Dani is waiting near the Surf Club when Will asks her about the phone call. She does not know what he is talking about until he says that he gave her money for the phone. She is being rude to him and Will says with sarcasm that she would fit in really well. Later on, her boyfriend arrives and she is delighted to get out of the Bay. He does not seem to understand this; he was taken aback when she says that he is taking him back to the city.

The girls are working away at the caravan park. Duncan and Nick find them working and thought they were finished. Kirsty tells them there is no way they would let them beat them! A large spider is seen crawling; the next moment, Jade screams, thinking she has been bitten…


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