Episode 2862

Australian Air Date: 27th June 2000

Dani is up to something but Shelley can’t figure out what. Joel begins to dismantle his past. Peta has had enough of Judith’s restrictions and rebels. Sally turn her back on all offers of help. Camp Quality turns out to be a stroke of good fortune for Duncan and Nick.

Extended Summary

Duncan and Nick are looking happy this morning. Mitch and Hayley wonder how they could be happy with their punishment of doing jobs at the caravan park. He realises they like the twins!

Shauna gets a phone call from Sally’s friend at uni; Sally has not been at uni all week. Leah discovers her soap has been used a lot; it was only put out the night before. She tells Shauna that Sally was in the bathroom when she went to get the book for Colleen, and they decide to confront her using the direct approach. Sally was annoyed with them and accuses them of spying.

Leah persuades Vinnie to talk to Sally. He is reluctant after Leah got jealous a while ago when he was helping Sally. He gave in, and talks to Sally; he says that her problems are actually his fault. She is annoyed with him and shouts at him to get out.

The bills arrive in the post and Rhys is shocked with the bill for Dani’s mobile phone that he had to take it off her. Despite this, she still makes calls to Kel from public phone. Dani is up to something but Shelley can’t figure out what.

At school, Judith talks to Peta, worried that Peta may have been manipulated into travelling with Edward. Judith admits she is not ready to lose him and that Peta is not finished her HSC yet. Peta is annoyed with her; she says that Edward is not manipulating, but Judith is.

In the Diner, Edward holds a cup, but it is too hot. He could not let go, and drops the cup. Judith sees this display and accuses Edward of putting this on to manipulate her.

At the Diner, Joel asks has he created a mess by calling over last night. She tells him that it was already created, and tells him of Edward and Peta’s plans to travel and her disapproval. Joel actually agrees with their travel plans, despite him being Peta’s legal guardian, she is no longer under his care, so he is supporting Judith whatever matters she takes.

Judith is talking to Peta at school, and Peta gives out as she is shocked at Judith’s behaviour at the Diner. Judith reminds her that she is still her headmistress but Peta tells her she is not any more; she has quit…

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