Episode 2861

Australian Air Date: 26th June 2000

Judith refuses to give Edward her blessing to go overseas. Fisher is putting up walls around himself again. Sally is desperate to throw people off her trail.

Extended Summary

Harry and Shauna are kissing on the couch at Fisher’s. They go a bit further when Fisher returns home earlier than expected. Shauna leaves in a hurry. The next day, Fisher gets an apology from Harry but he says forget it and hands him a letter. Harry opens it and finds good news; his mother has got her book published and she will be coming over to the Bay in a few days. Fisher suggests that she stay at his house, but Harry does not wish to have her stay. Fisher wishes to meet her.

Leah is walking on the beach with Shauna, and they are talking about Sally. Leah thinks Sally has gone over her compulsive handwashing. Leah has just remembered that she meant to give back the book to Colleen and rushes back for it. Harry finds Shauna on the beach and tells her the news of his mother and worries of Fisher, as his mother is ‘different’.

Gypsy, Vinnie and Joel are having dinner. Vinnie compliments her on her dinner. Joel has to go over to see Judith and Gypsy remarks how Judith cried herself out of being stopped and that there break up was long enough to make her feel guilty. Joel is angry and feels that he cannot talk to her anymore and that she cannot keep changing rules. Gypsy suggests that he do what he wants but Joel has already thought of this .

Vinnie tries to help Gypsy but she butts in before he says anything. Gypsy knew what he was going to say and practically took the words out of his mouth by finishing his lecture; he thinks she is being too hard on her dad.

In the apartment, Sally is washing her hands which are now showing colours. Leah calls out and tells her that she was not checking up on her. Sally thought she was Shauna. Leah is waiting for her as they are getting the bus together. Sally grabs her bag and hides her hands away from view.

Judith is upset after watching the video and leaves; she drives through a stop sign, prompting the police to go after her. Joel gives her a lecture, but she snaps, asking him is he going to book her or not. Joel gives her a warning and she speeds off.

Joel calls over to Judith’s to check on her, but she wasn’t there. He decides to wait. When she returns, Fisher is with her. Fisher decides to talk to Edward tomorrow and leaves. Joel leaves soon after talking to Judith who would not tell him her troubles.

The next morning, Edward apologises to Judith for his behaviour and says that he will not travel unless he gets her blessings. She refuses to give Edward her blessing to go overseas, accusing him of his manipulating this plan…

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