Episode 2860

Australian Air Date: 23rd June 2000

Will risks his own neck to protect Sandy. Edward takes his mask off. Judith mourns the loss of Joel and Edward Snr.

Edward’s deceased father. Appeared on a video tape for Edward made 15 years ago.
Student who had no idea who T.S.Elliott was.
Final episode. Was revealed to be the daughter of Simon and Maureen King, a wealthy family living in a prestigious cliff-top residence. Her father is a busy world-renowned composer.

Extended Summary

Edward watches the video his father made for him. He is very upset and gives out to Judith for not keeping it hidden away for 15 years; Judith had to honour Edward Snr’s wishes. During a class, Fisher asks a question but gets no response and asks Edward. Edward makes an apology to the class and leaves, announcing that time wasting is over. Peta finds Edward in the Diner and is annoyed with him for shutting her out. At home, Edward and Peta announce their plans to leave to travel around the world. Judith does not like the thought of him leaving school when he is so close to finishing. They wish to enrol in the university of life and he asks her to release the funds from his trust fund set up by his father for his education.

Fisher and Judith are talking at the Diner. He admits he thought he would be talking to Joel, and he says that she is not with Joel as Gypsy is not happy with it and that she is not over her mother’s departure yet. Judith mentions that talking to Fisher is more open than she can be with Joel, and that she missed her conversations with Fisher. Fisher says that he is not hurt and mentions that Joel’s opinions would be different from his in that they would be more upbeat.

Joel tells Will that he knows he has been hanging around the girl and persuades him to ask her to give herself up. Will finds her in the house and Sandy asks him for some help to break in. He refuses to do so as he is already on a good behaviour bond; she breaks in anyway. Will keeps trying to persuade her to give herself up, but she continues playing around the house and plays with the piano. He hears the police drive up and to his shock, she answers the door. Joel says she is arrested, but she gives him proof of her identity and that her parents own the house. Will is relieved to hear of this, and Sandy has to go down to the station to make a statement.

Judith is watching the video and sobs; she is wondering what to do and asks Edward Snr what should she do. She is mourning the loss of Edward Snr…

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