Episode 2859

Australian Air Date: 22nd June 2000

Edward will finally come face-to-face with his father. Will realises that Sandy was behind the spate of break-ins. Gypsy tells Joel that he’s making a fool of himself with Judith. Shauna confronts Sally about her compulsive behaviour.

Extended Summary

Sandy knocks on Will’s bedroom window asking could she stay overnight. Her hand is injured but she refuses to tell him what happened. At the Diner, Ken asks Will would he like to be his best man at his wedding, and he agrees. Will asks could he organise the bucks party but Ken refuses to let him do it. Colleen tells Ken about the burglary on one of the houses on the hill, and dogs were set on the burglar who ran away. Will hears this and realises that Sandy was behind the spate of break-ins.

Will finds Sandy and says he knows of the break-ins. She asks him to come in.

Shauna confronts Sally about her compulsive behaviour. Sally refuses to admit she has a problem; her defence is that there is no harm in being a clean person. She tries to pour tea, but spills it, and rushes to the sink. Shauna tells her she should prove that she can take her tea without going to the bathroom. Sally is annoyed with and tries to head to the bathroom, but her way is blocked by Shauna.

Edward is disruptive during Harry’s science class when he demands to sit a final exam. Harry finds him reading another book and asked him to read the science book, but Edward has already read it four times. He lashes out at the fact that he should not have to wait for six months for the morons to catch up with him, and the class is shocked with him.

Gypsy calls at Judith’s to see Peta. Judith suggests she wait but Gypsy runs away after seeing Joel there. Joel runs after him, and tells her that he has a right to date. Joel drops by the school on duty and asks Judith would she join him for a coffee. Judith is aware that Gypsy is not happy with the idea of her dad with her, and she decides to call the relationship off.

Joel is angry with Gypsy for getting what she wants; Gypsy did not think they would break up this way.

Judith is told by Harry about Edward’s behaviour in class. She asks him is there a place where she could get Betamax videos converted. Harry drops by her place later with the converted videos. Edward asks of them, and Judith tells her that his father thought he should see the videos which he made…

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