Episode 2858

Australian Air Date: 21st June 2000

Dani begs her boyfriend to take her away from Summer Bay. Shelley is torn over taking the Drop-in-centre coordinator’s role. Joel and Judith get closer, much closer… Ailsa knows Martin’s been lying about his business and leading Vinnie astray. Kirsty gets her comeuppance after damaging Fisher’s car.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Duncan and Nick apologise for the incident they caused and they are to do some work at the caravan park to make up for the trouble. Kirsty gives out to the boys for bringing on Jade’s asthma attack. Jade tells them that Kirsty is very protective of her, and that she is older than her by 17 minutes.

Joel returns home to find Gypsy cleaning the floor like mad. Vinnie tells him that Sally was the same, but they eventually changed her, and it would be the same with Gypsy. Vinnie is looking for a newspaper, but Gypsy has put it in the recycling bin. Gypsy gives out about the mess in HER lounge!

Dani is causing strife for her parents when she refuses to get on with the changes. She complains that her dad would not let her make calls, and Shelley points out that she is allowed, but not for hours. Shelley tells her she can talk to her as she knows it is different from the twins who have each other. Dani is on her mobile phone later and asks her contact to come and take her out of this place.

Joel sees Judith at the Diner and asks her to dinner. She agrees to his invite. When Joel returns home, he finds the table covered with food – Gypsy is cooking dinner for everyone. Joel lets her know he has invited Judith, and points out that he is taking out when she thought she would have to serve another person.

Ailsa persuades Alf to talk to Vinnie about his job at the Surf Club. He is reluctant to talk to him, until he is reminded that he was persuaded to take the job earlier. Vinnie shoots his mouth off before Alf says anything. Alf says that he personally thinks he would be mad to go with Martin, and that his resignation from the Surf Club is not official until it is in writing.

Vinnie comes home and Gypsy tells him his timing is good, but he is going over to Leah’s with Martin. She is not happy with the news and throws the food down the bin.

Ailsa knows Martin’s been lying about his business and leading Vinnie astray. Martin has dinner over at Leah’s with Vinnie and Leah. Martin tells Vinnie about the job, and its long hours. Vinnie is not impressed and decides not to do it as he wants Leah to be happy. Leah is delighted to hear this and kisses Martin before a long one with Vinnie.

Martin drops by the Diner to thank Ailsa for persuading him to talk Vinnie out of taking the job. She tells him he should have told the truth, as the residents would still be impressed as a technician is a highly skilled job, and also mentions that there is one person who is impressed with how he has turned out.

The Sutherlands girls start their first day at school; Irene guides them, but Dani would rather look herself. Jade and Kirsty enter a classroom, and are not impressed at seeing Duncan and Nick again. Fisher enters the classroom and spots a skateboard under the desk which Kirsty is holding; he believes they have met already.

Fisher calls over to the Sutherlands – Kirsty gets her comeuppance after damaging Fisher’s car. He is now owed $400.

Rhys talks to Shelley; he knows that she is missing social work and that she is dying to help out at the drop-in centre. Shelley decides to look at the proposed drop-in centre, and offers to help Mitch and Hayley cleaning up the mess, much to their delight.

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