Episode 2857

Australian Air Date: 20th June 2000

Duncan and Nick learn that their practical joke has backfired. Sally won’t leave the bathroom. Dani Sutherland hates Summer Bay – with a passion. Mitch opens the doors to the Drop-in-centre and gets burned. After quarrelling with Alf, Vinnie quits his lifeguarding job.

MR. GERALDSON (PETER GWYNNE)Complained to Alf about the hooligans from the Drop-In Centre.

Extended Summary

At the Diner, Kirsty and Jade are introduced to Ailsa by Colleen who mentions the blackout last night and one of the girls having asthma.

Duncan and Nick have heard them, and realise that their practical joke has backfired. They decide to bring the fuses over to the Sutherlands, lying that they found them on the side of a road. Alf calls over and discovers what the kids were up to; Irene is there and he suggests that it may have been them who caused the blackout.

Duncan and Nick spot one of the Sutherland girls skating and come up with some skating lingo. Duncan calls out ‘phat stuff’. She thought he was calling her fat and gives out; she ends up falling, with the skateboard hitting the lights on Fisher’s car, who runs after them. He is too late, as they have all run away!

One of the locals who lives next door to the proposed drop-in centre complains to Alf about the hoons last night causing havoc in the place and around the Bay. Mitch and Hayley try to leave the Diner after hearing this, but Alf stops them asking them about it. They went to the house, only to find it wrecked. Alf is hurt when he learns his tools have been taken and gives out to them, as he trusted them.

Irene pops over to the Sutherlands, and asks Shelley to come over. Ken confronts Hayley and Mitch when Shelley arrives, about letting the kids stay in the house. Mitch and Hayley apologise to her. She says that they cannot be responsible for the actions of others, and Mitch storms out, disappointed that the drop-in centre may never go ahead.

Alf finds Vinnie reading and tells him off in his lunch break for reading while on duty. Vinnie quits his life guarding job .

Martin has been asked to speak during a class. Fisher is shocked when Martin speaks against what Fisher stood for.

Shauna is getting impatient as she is bursting to go to the loo. Sally won’t leave the bathroom. She washes her hands and after dropping stuff, washes them again…


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