Episode 2770

Australian Air Date: 18th February 2000

Lance reveals that Debbie is pregnant. Ken and Sally talk business. Joel finds a way into Rachel’s heart.

Final episode.
Final episode.
Arrested Lance following his drunken escapade in an army tanker and subsequent desertion.

Extended Summary

James checks Colleen and wants to do some tests on her at the hospital. Lance worries about her but Debbie thinks she’s just doing it to stop him from leaving her.

Rachel plays ‘Guess Who?’ with Vinnie and Tom.

Donald wishes he told Sam about how he really felt.

Ken thanks Sally once again for the business deal. Donald overhears and talks to Sally once Ken leaves. He tells her about the time Ken showed up to a job interview drunk. Ken comes back for his keys and hears everything Don says.

Lance rings up about his mum. Debbie tells Lance he has to go back and face what he left.

Rachel wants to stay at Vinnie’s house so her dad can find her. Vinnie talks her into going back to Natalie and Joel’s.

Lance decides to tell his mum that Debbie is going to have a baby. This makes it easier for them to return to Townsville. Colleen is very happy.

Will is out of hospital. Gypsy wants to go somewhere with him but they both don’t have enough money.

Rachel doesn’t want to go home. Joel says they have a surprise for her.

Ken tells Will about the garage. Gypsy says Will could do his apprenticeship there. Ken says he could but Will has to think about it. When Ken is gone, he tells her he doesn’t trust him yet.

Rachel gets a bike from Joel and Natalie to try and make her like them.

The money from Jesse’s tools will go into a trust fund for Rachel.

Colleen tells Joel and Natalie that Lance and Debbie are going to be parents. Military Police arrive at the Nash’s to arrest Lance.

Will thinks about giving his dad a second chance.

The police bring Lance back to say goodbye to his mum. Debbie is allowed to go back with them.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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