Episode 2771

Australian Air Date: 21st February 2000

James has a secret admirer. Sam feels betrayed by his father. Tensions build between Will and Ken.

Return one-off appearance, last seen in #1323. Telephoned Sam to apologise for not being able to make their arranged meeting.
Return appearance, last seen in #2763. Thanked Will for the go-cart award.
Return one-off appearance, last seen in #2735. Was jealous of James’ secret birthday present.
Second appearance, last seen in #2413. Co-worker at the hospital who was intrigued by James’ sudden birthday surprise.

> Greg has been living in Queensland since Bobby’s death, and is remarried.

Extended Summary

Hayley gets a certificate for coming fourth in the go-kart race. Peta and Will go with her to show Mr. Brown.

Ken tells Irene that he can’t afford to have Will doing his apprenticeship at the garage. He doesn’t know how to tell him.

James is having a birthday tomorrow.

Donald has to meet Sam at the bus stop.

Hayley shows Jack her certificate. He asks if he can get a copy for Ryan’s photo album.

Sam arrives back from visiting his dad and tells Donald he had a great time.

Jack shows Hayley, Will and Peta some photos of Ryan. Jack says they can swim in his dam whenever they want. Will thinks about giving his dad a second chance.

Donald doesn’t think Greg would be a reliable father if Sam moved in with him.

James tells Danielle he just wants to be friends. She doesn’t take it very well.

Sam talks back to Donald.

Will and Hayley walk in on Ken with his arm around Irene.

James visits Will to tell him his rash was caused by something toxic.

When Greg phones to speak to Sam, Donald answers. Greg explains that he had to work when Sam was going to visit him.

Will tells James he’s only been skating, surfing and working on the go-kart at the orchid. Irene wishes James a happy birthday as he leaves.

Greg speaks to Sam on the phone and apologises saying “maybe next time”. Sam tells Donald he never told him about not seeing his father because he was too embarrassed.

James gets a birthday balloon from a secret admirer. He suspects it’s Danielle.

Donald thinks Sam should give his father a second chance, since he bothered to contact him.

James talks to Danielle and finds out it wasn’t her.

Ken tells Will that he can’t do his apprenticeship with him. He hasn’t got enough money. Will warns him about hurting Irene and tells his father he’s not a little kid anymore.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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