Episode 2772

Australian Air Date: 22nd February 2000

James discovers the identity of his secret admirer. Sam and Will have a fight at school. Irene and Ken come to blows.

Third appearance, last seen in #2735. Was exposed as James’ secret crush.
Will, Hayley and Nick’s deranged mother. Appeared in a nasty dream sequence from Will’s childhood.
Appeared in a nasty dream sequence from Will’s childhood.
Return appearance, last seen in #2771. Offered Ken his old job back.

Extended Summary

Nurse Juliette Bellati (Julia) talks to James about the birthday balloon. James tells her he doesn’t want a secret admirer. She clumsily leaves, indicating it was probably her who left the balloon for him.

Will still has a rash from something toxic. He is mad at his dad for not giving him the apprenticeship and he thinks Ken will bring down Irene as well (if he goes back to alcohol).

Harry sets homework for his class to collect water samples so they can see what’s in them.

When James sees Julia, he asks her if she was the one who gave him the balloon. She shyly admits that it was her, but tells James she would do it for anyone. She asks James out anyway but he says he’s busy.

Irene tells Will to ease up on his father.

Jack tells Ken that Will was around there explaining what happened with the beer. Ken realises this must have been before he told Will he couldn’t do the apprenticeship. Jack offers Ken his old job back, but Ken already has the garage lined up. Peta is at the orchid collecting water samples.

James tells Harry about his day. When Harry hears about the nurse asking him out, he tells James to ring her back.

Sam and Donald don’t know what each other want regarding where Sam’s going to live. (With his father or with Donald.)

James rings Julia at the hospital; they arrange to meet at the Diner in an hour.

Ken and Irene go for a walk along the beach at night. Will is worried they’re going to “get together”.

James and Julia have a meal at the Diner. James tells her it’s not a date, just an apology that he was rude to her.

Will has a bad dream about when he was younger, when Ken used to be an alcoholic.

Peta brings her water samples to school but Gypsy forgets hers.

Sam starts a fight with Will.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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