Episode 2773

Australian Air Date: 23rd February 2000

Shauna’s decision to ignore Vinnie’s advice could lead to tragedy. Peta’s school project uncovers something worrying at Farmer Brown’s orchard. Sam continues to push away his loved ones. Ken and Irene begin a secret romance

Return appearance, last seen in #2772.
Drunken lout who laughed at Shauna’s suggestion to get out of the beach.

Extended Summary

Judith breaks up the fight between Sam and Will.

Vinnie covers up the Surf Club’s notice board with advertisements of his photography business. Shauna tells him he can only have one.

Judith punishes Will and Sam by making them write a one-page essay about how violence doesn’t solve anything. She’s especially disappointed with Will since he’s the school captain. When Judith mentions Sam’s problem with his father, he realises Donald’s been talking to her about it.

On the beach, Vinnie annoys Shauna by telling her she’s put the flags up too close together.

Sam goes off at Donald about telling Judith about his problems.

Harry goes through the water samples with the class. He thinks there might be a problem with the water Peta handed in. Once everyone in the class has left, Harry asks Peta where she got the water. She tells him it’s from the dam at the orchid. He says it may be dangerous.

Vinnie notices a rip in the water while he’s surfing. When he looks for the “beach closed” sign in the Surf Club, Shauna tells him she checked the water earlier and it was fine. He tells her she’s just as stubborn as Alf.

Will is upset with Peta for getting her water samples from Mr Brown’s Dam.

Hayley tells Irene about the fight. She leaves when Ken comes in to give them some time alone. Irene tells Ken they should “tread carefully” (Will doesn’t want Irene to get hurt).

A group of people arrive at the beach. Shauna tries to tell them where they should swim but they don’t take any notice.

Will speaks to Mr Reynolds (Harry) about the water samples. He tells Will they’ve already been sent to the lab. Harry tells him he should talk to Mr Brown to get the problem fixed.

Irene tells Ken she’s ready to have a relationship. She says they shouldn’t be in a rush to tell the kids.

Will and Peta warn Mr Brown about the dam by telling him what happened. They say he should get it checked out.

Ken and Irene are back at the house. Ken tells her he feels like they’re kids again. They kiss.

Shauna sees the rip in the water. She tells Harry she should have closed the beach hours ago.

Sam tells Don he phoned his dad and they’re going to work something out.

Shauna tries to call in all the swimmers but they ignore her. Someone starts drowning. She tells Harry to get people together; she’s really stuffed up.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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