Episode 2769

Australian Air Date: 17th February 2000

Lance has to choose between his mother, Colleen or his wife, Debbie. Harry and Shauna have a fight.

Return one-off appearance, last seen in #2402. Appeared with Rachel in school.

Extended Summary

Colleen tries to get Debbie to go back home but she insists on staying. She wants to see Lance.

Ken asks Sally if she wants to lease the garage to him.

Peta is happy when she sees Edward already at the self-defence class.

Colleen thinks Debbie is trying to come between her and Lance.

Sally asks Irene about Ken for some reassurance. Irene says he’s been through a lot but deserves a chance.

Shauna demonstrates her self-defence techniques on Harry.

Sally accepts Ken’s business offer on the garage.

Colleen tells Natalie and Joel she doesn’t want Debbie staying at the Caravan Park. They say they can’t stop Debbie from staying there if she wants to, even though Colleen is part owner.

Rachel turns up at Jesse’s old house. Vinnie has to explain to her why her dad doesn’t live there anymore.

Harry tells Shauna on private that he thinks she is showing off. The next time Shauna tries to demonstrate, Harry takes her to the ground. Edward thinks it’s pointless and leaves. Peta goes after him.

Irene and Ken celebrate Ken’s new business. When Irene asks him about what he’s going to do about tools, he thinks they come with the garage but realises Sally didn’t say anything about them.

Peta and Edward discuss what happened with Shauna and Harry. When Debbie asks Peta about Lance, Peta tells her that Colleen was lying about Lance being in hospital, and that he’s probably staying with Colleen.

Rachel doesn’t want to go back to Natalie and Joel’s house. Sally tells Joel she thinks they might have a problem.

Debbie knocks on Colleen’s door. Lance finds out Colleen’s been lying to him and when he sees Debbie, he leaves with her.

Harry tells Shauna that she tries to compete against everything he does.

Edward explains to Peta why he thinks women need self-defence classes more than men.

Rachel is going to stay the night at Sally and Vinnie’s house.

Ken sees Sally about the tools. She never thought about them. Tom and Sally both suggest Ken buys the tools from Rachel.

Harry and Shauna apologise to each other for the way they acted. Shauna explains that she tries to be better than Harry because she was brought up with 4 brothers.

Colleen tells Lance he has to choose between her and Debbie. He chooses Debbie. When he walks away with her, Colleen has a fit. Debbie thinks she’s faking it.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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