Episode 2768

Australian Air Date: 16th February 2000

Colleen is shocked when Lance’s wife turns up in Summer Bay. With Duncan rescues Liang, with help from Lance. Shauna won’t let Harry beat her.

First episode. Lance’s wife. Rushed down from Queensland after hearing of Lance’s “quarantine” during the typhoid scare.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Lance talks to Debbie on the phone. He tells her he’s told his mum and she took it really well. Debbie wants him to come back home. Duncan rushes in telling Lance he needs to help Liang.

Vinnie takes picture around the kitchen with his digital camera telling Sally he’s going to make his career work. He tries to get Sally to invest her money into his business. She’d rather buy the Caravan Park.

Lance and Duncan find Liang and Lance carries her back to the Caravan Park.

Shauna is teaching the self-defence class and Harry is going to help her.

James checks Liang at the Caravan Park and then takes her to the hospital. Duncan goes with her. Colleen arrives just as they leave and finds out Lance carried her from the bush. She thinks Lance might have typhoid. He changes the subject by telling her he has to go back home to Townsville.

Duncan and James tell Ailsa they found Liang and that she had malaria not typhoid.

Colleen tells Lance he shouldn’t get on the bus because he might start an epidemic. She manages to talk him into staying a few more days.

Ken is still looking for a job. Hayley suggests he take over Jesse’s garage. Ken says he hasn’t got enough money to buy a set of spanners.

Sally gets a flat tire outside Jesse’s garage. The sign says “business opportunity or investment”.

Edward finds out from Shauna that his name has been put down for self-defence classes.

Vinnie thinks about renting the salon for his photography studio but doesn’t have any money.

Colleen rings Debbie to tell her that Lance has typhoid and he can’t come home just yet. James tells her it was malaria but she doesn’t want to tell Debbie just yet.

Ken looks at the garage and writes down the contact name. In the Diner, he asks Sally if he knows who owns the property. He doesn’t have enough money for it and Vinnie suggests to Sally she buys it for an investment opportunity. She doesn’t want to be Vinnie’s landlord.

Peta and Edward find out Harry is running the self-defence classes with Shauna. Although Harry tells them lots of positive things about why they should do it, Edward still doesn’t want to.

Duncan is worried about Liang.

Sally tells Vinnie she made an offer on the garage. At first Vinnie thinks she did it for him, but she says she wants to keep it as an investment so the land value increases.

Edward talks to Harry about the self-defence classes.

Joel takes Liang to visit Duncan at the Diner. They are friends again and Liang wants Duncan to write to her when she goes back to China.

Debbie shows up on the Nash’s doorstep when Colleen is there. She wants to see Lance.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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