Episode 2767

Australian Air Date: 15th February 2000

Sam leaves Summer Bay to stay with his dad. Duncan hides Liang from the police.

Seventh appearance, last seen in #2615. Helped Joel in the search for the refugee Liang.
Bully who picked on Edward’s serenading of Peta at the beach.
Bully who picked on Edward’s serenading of Peta at the beach.

Extended Summary

Ailsa has to throw away food because Duncan doesn’t know what Liang touched. Joel asks Duncan if he knows where she is. When Joel tells him she has to go to hospital, he suggests the Surf Club.

Peta tries to talk Edward into going outside instead of reading his book.

Joel doesn’t find Liang and lets Duncan go.

Edward tells Irene about the Diner closing and the typhoid fever. She rushes home to see Will.

Donald says Sam should go to visit his dad on a trial basis to see if he likes it. He’s already made the bus booking.

After Hayley discovers the ripped drawing, she asks Will if he went through her portfolio. Irene gets home and asks Will if he ate anything at the Diner yesterday. He says he did so she phones the doctor.

Edward and Peta walk along the beach when two guys come and snatch Edward’s book off him. They tease him a bit saying they’ll throw the book in the water. Because the book is an antique he tries to get it back and ends up in the water. Peta gets the book off them and they leave.

Joel and another police officer checks Jesse’s old garage for Liang. She is there but they don’t see her. Joel needs to get the keys off the real estate agent because it is all locked up.

Hayley tells Mitch she hates Will because of what he did to her drawing. Mitch tries to defend him and Hayley realises he was there too. He tries to explain he wanted to get a picture framed but she tells him she never wants to speak to him again.

Peta sees a notice in the Surf Club for self-defence classes and she suggests it to Edward but he doesn’t want to.

Hayley gets angry at Will again this time for showing Mitch the pictures in her portfolio. James examines Will but says he hasn’t got typhoid because it takes a week for any signs to show.

Joel unlocks the garage door to where Liang is staying. She gets out through a hole in the back just in time.

Donald tells Judith that Sam wants to leave him and the Seattle Police don’t hold much hope on finding Marilyn. Judith says she thinks Sam might not want to leave and that they need each other.

Sam tells Will about Fisher letting him skip school to go to his dad’s place. Will has to go to the hospital for tests to see what’s wrong with him.

Ailsa lectures Duncan about Liang saying she’s proud he looked after her. She doesn’t realise he still knows where she is.

Hayley tells Irene why she was so upset about Mitch and Will looking through her artwork.

Duncan visits Liang and finds out she’s outside the garage. He tells her she has to go to hospital because she’s got typhoid. She doesn’t want to go. When Duncan goes to get her some water, she runs away.

Donald imagines taking Judith’s advice and tells Sam he’s going to miss him, and that he’s needed his company recently. When the time comes, he doesn’t tell Sam what he wanted to say. Sam leaves, disappointed that Donald doesn’t want him there.

Mitch tries to apologise to Hayley saying it’s no big deal that he saw her nude. Hayley says if he thinks it’s no big deal, he should strip. He strips down to his boxer shorts and she says that’s enough. He apologises once again for the ripped picture and the hug. Irene walks in on them while Mitch is half-naked.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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