Episode 2766

Australian Air Date: 14th February 2000

The diner is closed down due to Typhoid. Sam is contacted by his father. Mitch finds naked drawings of Hayley in her portfolio.

Investigated the Diner during a suspected typhoid epidemic.
Played basketball with Sam inside the classroom to Donald’s disapproval.

Extended Summary

Duncan brings Liang more food. She puts her finger in the cheesecake but doesn’t like it so Duncan says he’ll take it back. She coughs and says she’s feeling hot and cold. Duncan thinks she’s got the flu.

Sam goes for surf. Hayley is drawing something on the beach. When Will looks at it, she says she doesn’t like people seeing her work. Will stresses because he starts Year 12 tomorrow. The sand itches him.

Duncan he moves Liang to an old shelter and brings her a doona and medicine.

Sam says it felt good to be out surfing again. Judith asks if Hayley wants her painting back because the school could do with some more artwork. She does want it back. Ailsa catches Duncan putting the cheesecake back, saying it’s for the customers.

A letter arrives for Sam from his father but Sam doesn’t want to open it.

While Hayley eats the cheesecake, Will discovers the immigrants had typhoid fever, and you can get it from contaminated food. Duncan helps Ailsa pack up early so he can get Liang back in.

In the morning, Hayley doesn’t want to go to school (first day back) and Will feels sick. Irene thinks he might have the flu and lets him stay home for the day to rest.

Sam doesn’t want to talk to his father because he hasn’t for 3 years. Donald talks him into giving him a call.

Duncan gets to the Diner early. Liang starts to help pack up her mess when Edward walks in. Liang runs away and Duncan goes after her.

Sam rings his dad. When Donald asks how it went, Sam said his dad wants him to move up there if he likes it. Donald encourages it but worries about his schooling.

Edward finds out from Duncan that she’s an illegal immigrant. He tells Duncan some of those people had typhoid. Ailsa drives past and Edward tells her what Duncan told him. Ailsa takes Duncan and drives off to tell the police.

Donald tells Judith he’s not missing being principal. Judith tells him she’s going to hang Hayley’s painting up at school.

Sam tells Hayley he thinks Fisher wants to get rid of him. Hayley sees her painting hanging up and tells Miss Ackroyd she doesn’t want to “advertise” herself.

Ailsa tells Justine and Tom the Diner won’t be opening just yet. When she goes inside, she tells Duncan he should have told her. She’s worried the Health Inspector might have to close down the Diner.

Mitch asks Will if he can get Hayley’s portfolio so Mitch can get it framed and give it to her as a present.

Donald tells Judith his problem with Sam explaining how he can’t stand in Sam’s way.

The Health Inspector checks the Diner and decides it has to be closed down.

Will and Mitch look through Hayley’s artwork. They discover drawings of her naked (facing away) and when Will puts it back, Mitch looks at it and Will grabs it off him ripping it in half.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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