Episode 2765

Australian Air Date: 11th February 2000

Edward starts making friends with Peta and Gypsy. Colleen discovers Lance has a wife! Typhoid has apparently come to Summer Bay.

First episode. Boating refugee from China who was helped by Duncan.
Nearly ran down a despondent Edward.

Extended Summary

Colleen is upset by Lance’s news.

Judith complains to Donald about Edward’s selfish behaviour.

Peta tells Hayley she’s totally over Edward.

Duncan finds the Chinese girl eating bread in the food preparation area of the Diner. She runs out the back door of the Diner and Duncan chases after her. He tells her he’s not going to hurt her. He finds her and she asks for help. She says her name is Liang.

Colleen tells Lance how disappointed she is about what he did. Debbie rings and wants to speak to Lance, but Colleen tells her off and shouts into the phone.

Sam tells Hayley and Peta he thinks Edward is a show-off. Peta defends Edward which makes Hayley think she’s not over him.

Edward tells his mum he wants to be able to make his own decisions. Donald visits and gives Edward a book he read when he was Edward’s age, that had notes he’d written from listening to Edward’s father.

Duncan lets Liang stay in the Diner overnight.

Hayley and Mitch have a goodnight kiss.

Duncan arrives early to the Diner to make sure Liang gets out in time. He tells Ailsa he’s there to start the set-up.

Edward accidentally steps in front of a car. Hayley, Sam and Peta all saw it and they think he did it on purpose.

Duncan packs lunch for him and Liang.

Colleen tells Lance how she never really liked Debbie. She thinks he should settle down and suggests Sally.

Peta tells Hayley that Edward might have Huntington’s Disease. When Colleen asks Peta for Sally’s phone number, Peta tells her Lance’s wife rang again. Colleen says it’s not his wife, but Peta says the woman said she was.

Edward apologises to Donald because he insulted the book Donald gave him. Edward asks for his advice, and Donald says he can’t opt out of the human race.

Colleen is angry at Lance.

Edward goes to see Hayley which means he wants to start seeing her again.

Liang tells Duncan her story. Duncan comforts her.

Hayley and Peta make scones thanks to Edward’s flour. Hayley tells Edward she knows about his disease. Peta has to explain to Edward why she told her. Judith sees them all together and is happy.

James tells Ailsa there was typhoid on the illegal immigrant boats.

Liang doesn’t want Duncan to tell anyone where she is. He says he won’t.

Trent Wursthorn, 2000

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