Episode 2532

Australian Air Date: 19th January 1999

Has the Nash family gone up in flames?

Final episode. Was left behind with Joel in the bush.
Delivered groceries to the Nash household.
Offered a personal insight to Alf on the topic of gun ownership.

Extended Summary

Robert plans something and uses his “girlfriend” as a bait in his plan. Gypsy has a nightmare, but it turns out to be a comforting one as she dreams of her father rescuing her. Tom insists that Joel tell Gypsy that he saw Robert, but he refuses to. Joel calls the station, letting them know of the situation. He also gets indefinite leave, so the whole family are stuck together in their home, even though they have run low on food. They play a game together. The police call to the house with groceries, causing Gypsy to get suspicious. They do not believe that Tom has actually seen Robert. Joel looks for Tom, but finds that he has left the house, causing worry for Joel and Natalie. Gypsy gets more terrified when she learns that Tom spotted Robert.

In the Diner, Ailsa continues to persist against Alf’s suggestion that they get a handgun for their defence. Alf tries to talk sense into her, but Ailsa remains adamant. She walks away as soon as a customer waits at the counter. This customer, Rhonda, says she’s staying in the Bay longer now that she had found a boyfriend. She shows Ailsa a snow dome, similar to the one Gypsy got.

Rhonda waits impatiently with Robert, while he plans something to trap Joel. He lies to Rhonda, saying that he’s trying to have a successful reconciliation with a friend he fell out with 15 years ago. He suggests that she pretend she has a flat tyre and she need help. Rhonda does her part, to Robert’s satisfaction. He hides behind a tree while Joel looks at the tyre. Joel finds that she lied about the tyre, when he is grabbed from behind by Robert. Rhonda is horrified by his actions, and is commanded to drive. They are in the woods now. Robert tells Joel that he has two hours to save his family. The woods are 3 hours walk, an as soon as Robert drives off, he makes a run for it all the way through the woods.

Robert visits the bank and pretends to be Joel. He uses Joel’s IDs to make a withdrawal of 1000s of dollars, all in 20s. After this, he drives off to the Nashes. He grabs a large container of petrol from the boot, and secures the exits at their house. He pours the liquid over the door and freezes when he spots a curtain being opened…

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