Episode 2531

Australian Air Date: 18th January 1999

Robert is back – and he’s up to something sinister. Chloe rejects James one more time. Sally returns from her secret holiday.

Second appearance, last seen in #2526. Continued Gypsy’s counselling sessions.
First episode. Innocent girl who had fallen for Robert. Was used by him in his attempt to punish Joel.
Questioned Tom over his sighting of Robert in a bearded disguise.

Extended Summary

Tom runs all the way home. He tells Joel, breathlessly, that he saw Robert. Joel asks him has he taken the registration plate number, but gets disappointed when Tom says he hasn’t thought of it. As soon as Natalie and Gypsy return from the psychiatrist, Tom tells Joel he should mention this to them. Joel refuses to, and tells Natalie he tell her later. Natalie is informed of the latest news, but Gypsy isn’t. Joel says that at least they know that Robert’s out there and it’ll be all over soon. Tom says sarcastically that it’s a comfort to know of this. She is horrified and panics, rushing for the phone. Joel tries to calm her down, saying that until then, they must stay strong and be there for each other and also to watch out for each other. She replaces the receiver.

Sally returns from her field trip. Back at her place, she sneaks up Vinnie while he’s watching a horror movie. Already scared by the video, he gets a fright from Sally. Sally asks Jesse of any messages for her. She is told there’s none for her, but Vinnie has plenty – from Justine. At this moment, Sally is feeling jealous, and asks him. Vinnie replies that he told her he has a lover, but has not revealed to Justine the identity of his lover. Sally asks Vinnie is he crazy for not revealing the identity, and says he’s embarrassed. She suggests he tell Jesse, and he’s going to tell him. He could not bring himself to tell him, and says the shock would be too much for everyone. Sally agrees with him, and mentions that they should maintain the secrecy of their relationship for a while. Vinnie later cooks a meal for her.

Hayley searches for Sam here and there, but doesn’t find him. She goes to the Diner to wait for a while. Fisher apologises to her for not believing her. He says that he checked the projects, and came across one for her class. She’s about to give up just as he comes in through the door. She hands Sam a container of wax a tagger dropped, mentioning that it’s the brand he uses. She also says the tagger looks like him. Is it a coincidence or is he a tagger spoiling her paintings?

Gypsy is at her psychiatrist, reliving more events of her captivity. She sees a snow dome on the window ledge, and gets more emotional. The snow dome is similar to the one Robert handed her. Robert is at the beach, without a beard. A girl comes up to him – is he going to do the same to her as he did to Gypsy?

James finalises the preparations for the meal when Chloe knocks on the door. She seems to be feeling uneasy and pushes James away when he tries to kiss her three times. James tells Chloe they must be honest with each other. He suggests it may be better to call the relationship off, but Chloe says no. James is advised that she’s not ready, and he is to be patient, and says he’ll wait as long as it takes…

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