Episode 2530

Australian Air Date: 15th January 1999

Robert makes his presence known. Does Justine want Vinnie back? Alf decides he wants to join the gun club.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #2501. Appeared with Joel in a flashback during the search for Gypsy.
Was mistaken by Tom to be the evil Robert in disguise.
The driver’s girlfriend.

Extended Summary

Alf returns home with Duncan, and a trembling Ailsa has a quiet talk to Alf. She tells him that the driver has come back after her. A fuming Alf resorts to ringing the police, moaning about today’s yobbos, but is very angry at the lack of efforts from the police. He barges into the Nashes demanding police protection for Ailsa. Joel is enraged about his attitude towards the police force when Alf says the police “just sit around”. Joel lashes back at Alf, saying that police resources are stretched and that they are living in fear while Robert’s on the loose, not forgetting to mention that the most protection they can get is a police car going past every couple of hours.

Vinnie plays a game with Rachel’s skipping rope and stops at the letter S. Is there anyone he likes beginning with this letter, he asks Rachel. Vinnie says he could go out with all of the Spice Girls! Rachel says Sally is his answer. Vinnie tries to quieten her. She chants, “Vinnie loves Sally”, and continues despite his repeated measures to quieten her by offering to buy her ice-cream and popcorn! Later on, Vinnie loses his cool when Jesse says that it’s funny that both Sally and Vinnie were away at the same time. He points out quickly that it’d be more funny if they ended in the same place.

Rebecca and Justine have a chat about Vinnie. Justine tells her he now has a lover, and thinks he’s making her jealous. Rebecca concludes that Justine doesn’t seem to have got over Vinnie. Justine says that she is bored and that she had fun while she was with Vinnie. She calls to his place to see him and asks him to go to the Diner with him. He mentions that her intentions may not be honourable, and tells her that he’s actually seeing someone. She doesn’t believe him at first, but when she finds that he is really serious, she is disappointed. Travis answers the phone, and tells Justine it’s for her, that it’s Lucas. She asks Travis that to tell him she’s not here.

Jesse asks Natalie if she wishes to have lessons on car maintenance. She agrees, and Gypsy hangs around while Jesse’s teaching her. She is on full alert, as she is frightened by the little noises or distractions. Being scared, she flees to the car and locks herself in. At Jesse’s, Natalie is feeling confident after her lesson. Gypsy relives yet more of her events under Robert’s captivity when she is reminded by a mug at Jesse’s, similar to the one Robert had. She tells of how she had to think up a poem in her head. She keeps reciting each line over and over again, trying to memorise them. Robert enters the room with a mug. Gypsy stares at it, hoping for some drink. He drinks it all, and says that she must do a favour for him first. He holds the tape recorder to her mouth, asking her to say something for her dad. She talks about how she and Tom always made up poems, and recites the poem she memorises. In the Nashes’, Joel and the police officer are baffled by the poem which does not make any sense. Natalie asks Tom about his poems and he says that the first and last letters spelt out names. They have cracked the poem, coming up with ‘Mount Mac’ – an answer of Robert’s whereabouts – his cabin is in Mount Macdonald.

Ailsa is horrified when Alf tells her he has called the gun club, enquiring about the ownership of a gun for their defence.

Tom is looking at a newspaper, and stops when he sees a crossword. He recalls some events when Natalie fills in a crossword which Robert made for her. She comes across clues suggesting that Robert is holding Gypsy for 15 days, a day for every year he spent in jail. Later on, Tom is walking away from the beach. He gets nervous when he walks on his own. He thinks he has seen Robert, but doesn’t actually see him. Moments later, a car pulls up alongside Tom. A window is opened, and the driver, wearing a beard, asks Tom does he want a lift, with an evil laugh. Tom gets terrified, and as soon as the car goes, he runs, dropping his food…

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