Episode 2529

Australian Air Date: 14th January 1999

Is someone stalking Ailsa? Vinnie is back from his romantic holiday – and he’s beaming. Fisher discovers that the bandit graffiti artist is Hayley.

First appearance. Psycho road rage offender who terrified Ailsa and Duncan.
First appearance. Empty-headed cricket mate of Tom’s who was interested in Justine.
Graffiti artist who upset Hayley by spraying over her design.
Graffiti artist who upset Hayley by spraying over her design.

Extended Summary

Ailsa is chased by an enraged driver and is forced to drive off the road to stop. Ailsa and Duncan lock the doors, and do not leave the car while the driver is fuming, ranting and raving at her. Just as he yells at Ailsa to get out of the car, she drives off. Later on, she finds him chasing her again. She runs to the Diner, shaking, telling Alf of what happened, but he doesn’t find him outside the Diner.

Duncan says he can’t stop thinking about what happened. Alf advises him to do something to take his mind off it. Duncan pleads for another game for his Game Boy!

Justine and Tiegan ask Hayley about her photos, and believe her when she says it’s for her project, without being suspicious. Hayley calls into Fishers’ to find Sam. She accidentally drops the photos, but is unaware of this, until Fisher picks them up. Fisher has discovered that Hayley is the graffiti artist. Fisher brings her to Irene to tell her. Hayley lies that they are for her art project. Fisher sees through her as he has not given any approval to any such projects. Hayley begs him not to bother Irene because she’s stressed out about Joey.

Fisher and Marilyn do not believe it when she tells them that Joey’s on drugs. Hayley finds a way out of her difficult situation when she defends herself by lying that the person who leaves his name on the paintings is the culprit. Hayley later finds the culprit, Jak, spraying his name over her paintings, but he runs away.

Vinnie is back from his holidays and tells tall stories! Justine tells Tiegan of the fun she had with Vinnie, as if she wants to get back with him. Vinnie tidied up the room just as Justine calls to see him. She pleads him to reveal his secrets of his mystery girl on holidays. Vinnie refuses to tell her anything.

Tom’s friend, Lucas, asks him if it’s OK if he sees Justine. Tom gives him the go-ahead, and Lucas asks him to set up a date. Tom advises him that the best person to arrange dates is the V-man. When they go to Jesse’s place, they find Justine there. Vinnie tries to put them together!

Joey is nowhere to be found, but Tiegan is not really bothered about his disappearance. She takes his comments personally, but Justine urges her not to worry about him.

The driver catches up with Ailsa in the Diner, ordering her to pay for his windscreen and threatens her. Ailsa is flabbergasted when he says he knows where he lives and that he knows her name. Fisher comes into the Diner before the driver is finished with her, and commands him to get out. Fisher contacts the police, but does not have good news. Taking out a Violence Apprehended Order is the only solution but, considering that Ailsa knows nothing of the driver’s name and his address, there’s little she can do…

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