Episode 2533

Australian Air Date: 20th January 1999

Robert is finally captured.

Gave a desperate Joel a lift back to his house to save his family.
Brought round remnants of the Nash house to the Caravan Park.

Extended Summary

Robert continues pouring petrol over the walls. He slips up when something creaks. Gypsy asks what’s this – Natalie said not to worry. Tom is really suspicious, and gets up and starts sniffing. He smells petrol, and they run to the front door, only to find flames. They make a run for the kitchen window, but find flames there also. Gypsy runs to her room and locks herself in. Tom sees Robert pouring petrol near the kitchen window, and sees that Robert trying to block their escape. Robert mocks his father, saying that he hasn’t arrived yet.

Joel is out of breath and has difficulty in continuing to run. He sees a car and jumps in the middle of the road, waving desperately to stop it. The driver ignores him, so Joel has no choice but to keep going. The next car looks like it’s not topping, and he knees down on the road, cursing himself. Luckily, the driver stopped and brought him. On the way, the driver sees flames far ahead, and at this point, Joel realises what Robert actually meant. Joel pleads the driver to go faster.

When Joel arrives at his burning home, he looks for Natalie, only to find that Robert has taken her. Travis comes on the scene, and goes into the house, and rescues Gypsy. Both Tom and Gypsy are taken to hospital for smoke injuries. Joel wants to find Natalie, but Travis won’t let him unless he comes with him to get a change of clothes.

Natalie is held by Robert, who demands an answer to his question of who has a car. She suggests that Jesse may have one, and they head over there. Unluckily for Natalie, there’s no-one at home. She finds her chance of being rescued when she spots a phone under the sofa, and dials while Robert’s not looking. The phone beeps, causing Robert to panic, but he doesn’t find out the source of the noise. Meanwhile, Travis and Joel arrive at the caravan park. The answering machine is on, and they realise that it’s Robert and Natalie. Natalie gives some clues as to her whereabouts when she asks Robert what would he do if Jesse comes back. She continues talking about him, hoping that her clues of her whereabouts would be solved. Robert’s hungry, so Natalie suggests that she cook for him. He doesn’t want to let her loose in the kitchen with knives and suggests they get a pizza, and looks for the phone. Natalie shows him the phone and offers to dial for pizza. He refuses, grabbing the phone and dials it. There’s a knock on the door. Robert, thinking it’s the pizza delivery, drags Natalie to the door to answer it. The door is pushed as soon as it’s opened, and in rushes Joel. Robert is now caught.

Natalie, Tom, Joel and Gypsy are now at Travis’. Travis and Alf have a conversation about how the crime in the Bay and New York. Alf doesn’t agree with some of Travis’ arguments, and Ailsa tells Travis to ignore him. Rebecca asks Ailsa to help her with the sleeping arrangements. Ailsa, in turn, asks Alf to come as well. Tom says to Gypsy that they have to be positive now that Robert’s caught. She doesn’t agree, as their home is gone, and hates the idea of staying in a caravan – she’s Gypsy by name, not by nature! Joel’s colleague calls over to drop a box of the stuff they found in their home. Natalie gapes through its contents, and gazes at the snow dome, asking where it came from. Gypsy is horrified to see it, and screams hysterically.

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