Episode 2534

Australian Air Date: 21st January 1999

The Nashes try to deal with the horror of their experience. Could Joey have a mental illness? Hayley gets ready to graffiti again.

First episode. Daggy mate of Sam’s who did not feel worthy of Hayley’s presence. Took Sam to the streets during their graffitiing escapades.
Bank worker who explained Joel’s zero bank balance.

Extended Summary

Natalie beings to realise that she’s missing the stuff she lost in the fire, especially as they have not insured the home contents. Joel says that he has been stupid for not taking a policy out, and Natalie cries, pointing out that some of their stuff are irreplaceable. Joel tells Natalie that he should go to the bank to see about the mortgage. Natalie asks him to check out about home contents insurance while he’s there. He visits the bank, asking for a withdrawal of some money from his account. He’s told by the teller that he closed the account yesterday. He keeps telling her he never closed it. She calls for another teller who made the transaction. Joel is given a description by this other teller, and realises that Robert has taken the money out and closed the account. Joel is on the phone to the police and tells Natalie of the news. Robert’s in jail and, Joel being pessimistic, they can only hope that he’ll tell the police of the whereabouts of their money.

At the Diner, Marilyn and Fisher talk about the stuff they are bringing for the Nashes. Fisher says that there’s no need for make up. Marilyn tells him of her aunt’s saying, and Fisher does not wish to argue against this. They call into Travis’ and soon after, Alf and Ailsa call over with some of their stuff as well. Natalie has a quick look through the stuff and is delighted to find make-up among them. She thanks Marilyn, saying that having make-up on would help her feel better. Marilyn agrees with her. Travis asks her how men can look better. She suggests using a brown paper bag over the head!

Jesse tells Sally of a mate who dropped into the bait shop. He tells her that he’s her type. Sally asks him why he thinks that a sensible accountant is her type. Angry at his comments, she tells him to do a favour – he is not to set up a date for her ever! In the Diner, Tiegan and Justine ask Sally about Vinnie’s new lover, but Sally pretends that she doesn’t know. As they’re dying to know his lover, they plead to her to tell them. She tells them that Vinnie has not brought her home yet!

Alf tells Ailsa that he has been accepted into the gun club, and she says she doesn’t like this. Alf tells her he has almost lost her many times and does not wish to worry about this.

Irene returns home and asks Chloe did she have a fight with James, considering he hasn’t been over for a while. Chloe replies that they aren’t, and calls over to James’. Just before Chloe calls at his place, he’s dialling the phone to call her. Chloe asks him have things changed, but James says they haven’t.

Irene worries over Joey, especially as he returned home at 4am. She even fears that he may get worse, even as far as stealing VCRs. In the morning, she asks him of his whereabouts, but only gets answers in riddles, as he talks balderdash. Realising she’s talking to a brick wall, she calls over to James’ and asks him for advice. He suggests that he may have a mental illness. Irene refuses to believe this. James points out that it’s just a possibility and advises her to persuade Joey to see a psychiatrist. After being at James’, she returns home, and tells Joey what James told her. She asks him to see a psychiatrist, and he agrees. He says that he is sick and that he has ongoing pain deep inside him…

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