Episode 2535

Australian Air Date: 22nd January 1999

Tiegan blames herself for Joey’s illness. Ailsa shoots Alf! Sally and Vinnie have their first disagreement.

Return episode, last seen in #2529. Apologised to Ailsa after sorting out matters with her insurers.

Extended Summary

Joey has a change of tune when he tells Irene he has no problem, and he does not want to see a psychiatrist. Irene gets more worried about him and calls Tiegan over. She has a talk to the whole household and Tiegan. Joey goes to the Diner, only to find it’s closed early. He mutters to himself angrily. He’s telling the voices to leave him alone, and it never has anything nice to say to him. Fisher talks to him in the Diner telling him that Irene told him Joey has a TER of 92, but he was informed by the Department his TER is actually lower – only 47. While Fisher is talking to him, Joey’s vision gets blurred and the voices he’s hearing becomes garbled, he runs out of the Diner. Fisher calls to Irene’s and informs her about this incident.

The driver harasses Ailsa even more when he drives behind her and drives her off the road. He comes into the Diner, and she tells him to leave or she’ll call the police. He shows her an estimate for a new windscreen. She tells him she’s not going to hand the him the money, insisting that he call the insurance company. She asks him is he insured, and points out that intimidating her would not make her give him the money. He continues on in front of the customers, and says he bets there’s enough money in the cash register for his windscreen.

Sally asks Vinnie what he wants in life. He says he doesn’t know, and she suggests he get something better than stripping. Vinnie does not wish to stop stripping. When Jesse comes back, Sally asks him what he thinks. Jesse’s answer was that he do whatever makes him happy. He tells Sally she need not be concerned and reminds her that she did not care before. She says that was then. Vinnie agrees with Jesse’s opinion, and tells Sally he thought she cares. After Vinnie comes back from his gig, he goes onto the sofa, with his head in her lap. Sally makes known of the fact that she does not date men in outfits. He questions Sally if she’s still on about him going for something else. She declares that she is, and they both have their first altercation as a couple.

Alf now has a gun and tells her he’s keeping it under lock and he’s keeping the key. He’d give her the spare key, but is sure she wouldn’t carry it around. He tells her he’s going fishing. Alf rings Ailsa at the diner to confirm that he’s going fishing and when she’s asked if this is a problem, she pretends there isn’t. She is scared and just as Marilyn locks her salon, she asks her for a lift, and closes the Diner early. At home, she is hearing sounds but ignores them after a while. She hears a car door opening and closing. Fearing the driver has come after her, she rushes to the bar to retrieve the key. She unlocks the box, taking out Alf’s new gun. She goes to the hall, pointing it towards the door. Alf drops the keys and curses to himself. He unlocks the door, opening it and Ailsa fires a shot..

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