Episode 2536

Australian Air Date: 25th January 1999

Alf takes a stand on the gun issue. Robert has the last laugh. Irene seeks help for Joey.

Final episode. Was sent to jail following the abduction ordeal for Gypsy.
Arranged for Joel to see Robert regarding the stolen money.
Sat in on Joel and Robert’s conversation.
Was informed by a frantic Irene of Joey’s disappearance.
Hospital worker. Informed Irene of her options regarding Joey.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Alf opens the door, only to find a gun pointing at him. He yells at Ailsa not to shoot. She fires a shot, but Alf moves away to the side, and she misses, luckily. He’s very angry and argues with her, and comforts her, and she sobs uncontrollably, that she could have shot her husband or her son. Alf decides to resolve the gun matter by giving the new gun back. She states that he should keep his father’s gun, seeing as it means so much to him. At the Diner, Mr Gilkey informs Ailsa that he has contacted her insurance company. He says he’s sorry, with his excuse being that he has been messed around with before, and thought she was doing the same. Ailsa lashes out at him, denoting out angrily what would the world be like if everyone loses temper like him. He tries to apologise, but Ailsa doesn’t accept it.

Rebecca discusses her invitation to the Wednesday Club with Marilyn. She doesn’t have time for socialising, but Marilyn persuades her to join, asking her to take a friend. Marilyn, being jealous of Rebecca’s invitation, asks her to join so that she could get an invitation to join the club via Rebecca’s recommendation!

Joel is determined to get his money back. He decides to call onto Robert in prison. Natalie tries to talk him out of it, saying that he would be playing into Robert’s hands. Joel is aware of the problems, but remains firm with his wish. At the prison, Robert is dragged from his cell. Joel asks the prison guard to leave the room, but regulations mean he must stay there. Robert gives Joel an unpleasant greeting, revealing his knowledge that Joel would come over. His reason for knowing this is that Joel is so predictable. He provokes anger in him when he asks, in a sleazy tone, about Gypsy. Joel is unable to restrain himself, throwing himself onto him, about to fight him, only to be hauled away by a police officer.

Gypsy asks Natalie could they go to the shops, as she knows of a sale in a certain shop. Natalie asks her about counselling, and Gypsy says she’s going, but wants to go shopping on the way. After her session, Gypsy informs her mother of the fact that she wishes to stop seeing the counsellor. She says she’s , otherwise she would not be able to deal with her problems now and later on in life. It’d be OK if the sessions would help her HOW to deal with her problems Natalie endeavours to make sure that she doesn’t call her sessions off, and tries to convince her to change her mind. She does not succeed, but suggests a little break, and see how she feels, rather than cancelling her appointments. Gypsy goes along with Natalie’s suggestion.

Irene waits up for Joey in the early hours of the morning. Hours later, Chloe comes down the stairs, and wakes Irene gently. Irene wakes up, asking for the time, before asking if Joey has come back. Being hapless, she has no choice, thus being forced to call the police. Unfortunately for her, they cannot do anything unless Joey’s missing for over 24 hours. She tries to tell him how Joey has become, but he laughs, saying that it’s just like any rebellious teenager. Being frustrated at his comments, she pleads him to find him. Despite her efforts, he says there’s little he can do. Irene asks Will to look for him before he goes over to see Gypsy. Will and Gypsy look for him, and after they move on, Joey is seen coming from inside the bushes. He’s fighting against the voices, shouting at them to leave him alone, and walks on the roadside in bare feet…

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