Episode 3434

Australian Air Date: 30th January 2003

Fisher accuses Angie of a criminal act. Noah reaches breaking point with Josh. Flynn fears for Sally’s safety.

TIM (?)
Fireman who informed Donald that the school fire had been deliberately lit.

Extended Summary

he fireman tells Donald that the fire has been lit deliberately and that the fire has gone into his office and has burned all of the files. Noah is angry with Hayley for cheating on him. Donald talks to Sally and Flynn about the fire at the school. Donald has one person in mind, who would have started the fire. Angie tells Rhys that if he needs someone to talk to that she will be there for him.

Noah punches Josh in the mouth after he had kissed Hayley. Noah feels bad that he punched Josh because he wants to be a counsellor and that he should’ve handled it in a different way. Flynn tells Sally to be careful around Angie.

Noah bumps into Hayley in the surf club and looks at her then walks out.

Jesse has a talk to Hayley about her kiss with Josh and Jesse tells Josh off about it. Dylan overhears Sally and Flynn talking about Angie starting the fire and Dylan confronts Angie about it and asks her if she started the fire, Angie denies it.

Noah breaks up with Hayley and tells her it’s over, Hayley is heartbroken and she starts crying. Noah moves out of the palace.

Donald tells Angie the news about the fire at the school and Donald thinks that Angie has started the fire at the school, but is she?

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