Episode 3433

Australian Air Date: 29th January 2003

Catastrophe strikes Summer Bay High. Alf makes his do or die decision. Noah’s fears about Hayley escalate. Will Colleen leave the diner?

Final episode.
Informed Donald that Alf’s cancer had worsened.

Extended Summary

Angie tells Shelley that she can’t believe how she could do what she has done to her family. Shelley says her goodbyes to Sally and Irene, they are sad that Shelley is leaving for good. Shelley has her last look around the house before she leaves the Bay. Rhys goes running in the house to catch Shelley in time and Rhys asks Shelley for the last time if she is sure she wants to leave and Shelley says yes I am sure but she wishes she didn’t.

Sally tells Irene that Donald has asked her to be the new principal at Summer Bay High. Irene tells Sally that it is great, and if she doesn’t that Angie will get the job and they don’t want that to happen.

Leah trys to convince Alf to have the operation and he rufuses too.

Nick and Irene sorts out a few things down at the beach. Irene bumps into Angie at the beach and Angie’s game backfires on her when Irene tells her that Donald has chosen someone to be the new principal at the school.Angie goes to Donald and asks him if he would change his mind and have her has principal, and Donald says No and that Sally Fletcher is good for the job.

Alf collaspes at the hospital again, Donald calls the nurses for help. Donald gets some bad news from the doctor that Alf’s cancer has worsened that if he doesn’t have the operation soon that he will die. Alf still refuses the operation.

Nick has put his foot in it this time, as he tells Noah that Hayley is with Josh and Noah is angry. Donald gets a call that the school is on fire and he goes to the school, who is to blame, could it be Angie or Shelley or someone else?

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